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Surface-protecting handling

Interfaces that are crucial to productivity

Maximum productivity guaranteed

Feeders and stackers are the interfaces to your production environment that are crucial to productivity. The choice of the work cell concept has a decisive effect on the production capacity of a production line. In order to ensure maximum productivity of the processing machines and hence the desired  cost-effectiveness, we match the work cells exactly to your panel dimensions, stack layouts, batch sizes, types of load carriers, etc.

Surface-protecting feeding

We offer a number of both fast and surface-protecting feeder solutions. For example, for panels with sensitive surfaces, we use our vacuum technology for fast and reliable feeding. In this process, we individually design the vacuum pick-up devices to meet your needs and use various types of round suction cups and surface grippers.

Specifically in workcells that process a great variety of materials, such as batch-size-1 production and small batch fabrication, we combine different variants in order to be able to properly feed every material to the workcell.



Accurate stacking

A careful treatment of parts is the basic condition to be met for accurate stacking. Offset stack layouts, which the operator can pre-select via the menu-operated HMI, allow for stacks of high stability. We also design all our automatic load carrier logistics for base board or pallet infeed and outfeed to meet your individual requirements.


The configuration of our feeders and stackers with a modular gantry design is as individual as their production. Depending on the required performance class, 30 up to more than 50 parts per minute can be handled. In this respect, our high-quality mechanical engineering is a basic condition for low-wear operation, ensuring both constantly high production capacity and maximum availability.

The features of our feeders and stackers

  • Design for optimized performance
  • Consideration of customer-specific requirements
  • User-friendly, transparent control of the machines
  • High level of automation
  • Careful treatment of the workpieces
  • • High precision
  • Maintenance friendliness
  • Load carrier logistics with different levels of automation


If so, we will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our feeder & stacker solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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