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We accompany you in your business development process

“Business Development“ performance module

Development & planning

Are you headed for growth and do you want to optimally prepare your company for such growth? Then our Business Development specialists are the right contact persons for you.
The team will help you in business development, factory planning and fund support.

Business development

Business development is a holistic task which forms an important part of strategic company alignment. Our specialists can help support your business with services from our “Business Development” module to tackle the challenges of portfolio management, create a manufacturing philosophy and enhance organization development. To do so, we analyse, amongst other things, the throughput times and all processes of structure and sequence organization in your factory.

  • Portfolio
  • Structure and sequence organization
  • Organizational structure development
  • Manufacturing philosophy
  • Throughput times

Fund support

Public funds provided by municipalities, states, the federal government and/or the EU are available to companies for business restructuring or development. Together with you, we will check the possibilities of recourse to public funds for your future plans and the programmes available for this purpose. We will be glad to assist you in creating the applicable business plans. 

  • Checking the possibilities of claiming public funds
  • Listing in the directory of advisors
  • Business plan creation

Factory planning

Besides having great experience and expertise, our specialists also know their markets, so they are optimally prepared for the best possible factory planning or factory structure planning. We are here to assist you with any planned factory optimization or expansion by giving you a clear-cut overview of commonly used market solutions and approaches. Working in close cooperation with you, we will optimally approach the challenges you face – both technically and economically. Moreover, if desired, we will support you with all your business planning needs, i.e. production equipment & human resources planning as well as implementation planning, and develop with you the new structure & sequence organization and quality control systems. We will also help you bring the plans into being.

  • Benchmarking
  • Factory expansion and optimization
  • Equipment & human resources planning
  • Implementation planning and support
  • Structure and sequence organization
  • Quality control systems

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