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Corporate development

Performance module: factory planning

Increasing productivity by restructuring the depth of manufacturing

Planning a highly automated and flexible kitchen furniture factory and integrating a second site

Our mission

A European medium-size kitchen manufacturer asked us to develop a holistic and supplier-independent furniture production. The objective of this process strategy was to reorganize and modernize the old factory structures and to integrate another production site within the Group's production network. Our tasks also included the conception and simulation of a possible product variance portfolio, including its effects on the value-adding units, using the empirical make-or-buy decision model along the entire value-adding chain.  
In addition to these activities, our team also had the task of assisting with the fine tuning of the project management and creation of the requirements specification as a preliminary stage to bringing the project into being.

Our scope of work

It started with the evaluation of all commercial technological solutions which formed the basis for us to decide on the choice of technology. Then our consulting team elaborated a factory development plan for an on-demand production, determined the necessary investments and developed an ROI analysis. After a multi-stage plan had been worked out, variants were simulated and the impact of product diversification on output was evaluated. Subsequently, our team created manufacturing logistics and batch formation strategies and supported the customer team with the factory fine planning and creation of the requirements specification.


The restructuring of the furniture production has significantly increased productivity, and the make-or-buy decision-making process has resulted in a greater depth of manufacturing. At the same time, the manufacturer has expanded its product range and reduced throughput times while simultaneously increasing both production output and productivity per unit area substantially.

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