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MES – Manufacturing Execution System

Performance module: Digital & IoT

Developing and implementing a fully integrated MES for a solid wood furniture manufacturer

The manufacturer finds that increasing production flexibility reduces inventory costs

Our mission

The customer placed an order with us for taking stock of its existing digital infrastructure and delimiting and rearranging the building blocks to be utilized for a new infrastructure. Our tasks also included the project management of the MES software, including the definition of the surrounding conditions, creation of a list of requirements and choice of suppliers, as well as the verification of the offer, system selection assistance and introduction of the system.

Our scope of work

Besides the analysis of the digital infrastructure, we also completed the preparatory work on the requirements specifications before they were written. In this context, we developed batch formation and planning strategies, set up order picking rules and worked out a strategy to identify the parts. This step was followed by detailed project design, including detailed site layout planning, and the development of a complete concept for the new digital infrastructure.

Within the framework of system selection, we laid down software and hardware solutions, created lists of requirements and system requirements specifications and presented solution proposals with the applicable suppliers. We furthermore helped the customer to select the best solution and elaborated a detailed project implementation plan where our role extended to controlling and supervising the implementation of the project.


With the help of the MES and digitization of processes, the customer was able to reduce its inventory and increase the flexibility of its production.  Throughput times were cut, and process effectiveness and adherence to schedules were significantly improved. The MES, alongside with an optimized recipe management system, reduced errors and increased paperless production processes

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