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Production control center

Performance module: organization consulting

Production planning based on a control system

Implementing a simple production control center increases productivity

Our mission

A prefabricated house manufacturer with an annual production capacity of 80 - 100 house units asked us to develop an Excel-based planning tool. The task of the tool was to determine the weekly production capacities based on order-related job data and to control daily production at every hour using part-related processing times for each manufacturing system. Besides these tasks, our role was to offer project support for programming and for the introduction of the planning tool.

Our scope of work

Our consulting team conceived an Excel-based structure for a planning tool designed to allow weekly and daily scheduling of work and to ensure capacity utilization. In this process, first the masses and time requirements at the moment of order entry and component definition were assigned. Then the manual degrees of freedom were laid down by the production control system, and the time requirements were checked for plausibility based on calculated values and schedule times.
Moreover, fulfilling the role of a project controller, team members acted as contact persons for all people involved in the project.


The new tool enables the prefabricated house manufacturer to significantly improve target-oriented planning and capacity utilization. As a result, productivity climbed approximately 10 percent.

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