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Performance Management

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“Performance Management“ module

Analysis, planning, implementation

You want to increase your level of competitiveness and cost-effectiveness?
We will show you how to optimize your work organization, cost structure and manufacturing processes so that you achieve this goal and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Structure and sequence organization

Successful lean management relies on process security in all business segments. Together with you, we will scrutinize all responsibilities and job descriptions as well as tasks, work contents and information flows in order to develop clear-cut stringent rules for these fields. Thus, we unleash potentials for entrepreneurial growth through optimization and restructuring.

  • Tasks and work contents
  • Information flow
  • Process description 
  • Rules 
  • Restructuring 
  • Job description 
  • Responsibilities 

Production control

Manually or digitally planned production processes with intelligent networking of all production, target-oriented capacity planning and smart capacity utilization increase the economic benefit of existing resources. We analyse your throughput times, production orders and key figures as well as material requests and parts lists. Using this data, we will optimize your anticipative strategic production planning and define the required structures, parameters, control elements and controlled variables.

  • Throughput times
  • Production orders and key figures
  • Intelligent networking of all production 
  • Capacity planning 
  • Capacity utilization 
  • Material requests 
  • Parts lists
  • Anticipative strategic production planning


Increase your productivity by continuously reducing the number of uneconomic processes. We will show you how you can adapt and optimize division of labour, automation and manufacturing processes as well as materials management and information flow under economic aspects.

  • Division of labour
  • Automation
  • Manufacturing flow
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Batch sizes
  • Materials management

Time management

Entrepreneurial decisions can often only be made using reliable process times. Hence the determination of process times is the basis for the calculation of costs, capacities and performance. Through bottleneck analysis, we can reveal your potentials and deduce potential improvement measures.

  • Working time model
  • Machine and production data recording (M.D.R./P.D.R.)
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Capacity planning 
  • Schedule times for calculation
  • Process times
  • Allowed times based on rules

Work time model

In order for you to be able to manage variations in capacity utilization, we help you create and introduce dynamic working time models.

  • Working time accounts
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flex time
  • Annual working hours
  • Job sharing
  • Shift work

Production organization

Production costs are directly related to the chosen type of production organization. A holistic view of the required degrees of freedom and system requirements in your production allows us to design the individual production units.

  • Flexible production
  • Flow production
  • Cellular manufacturing
  • Process production
  • Continuous production 
  • Segment production
  • Workshop-based production

Value stream mapping

We analyse your throughput times, production bottlenecks, material and information flows as well as stock levels and product variants, detect weak points and calculate your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Based on this data, we make suggestions how you can adapt your production-related processes in order to reduce your non value-adding process times.

  • Throughput times
  • Production bottlenecks
  • Batch sizes
  • Material and information flows
  • Stock levels 
  • Cost-utility analysis
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Product variants
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Value-adding times

Cost management

Maintain your competitiveness and increase cost-effectiveness through continuous sustainable cost structure improvement within your own core competencies. We will consult you on how you can keep track of your process costs with the help of target-oriented cost and performance management, which includes permanent pre- and post-calculations as well as cost comparison of the different sub-contractors and suppliers.

  • Continuous calculation
  • Cost management & control
  • Cost comparison of sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Performance management and control
  • Outsourcing
  • Process costs
  • Pre- and post-calculation
  • Cost-effectiveness

Key figures management

Structured guidance based on diagnostically conclusive key figures is essential to cost and performance management. Company performance can be improved significantly through transparent and up-to-date presentation of desired and actual values. We will show you how it can be done and assist you in planning and implementing solutions. 

  • Base data
  • Data acquisition
  • Data structure
  • Data systems
  • Key figures systems
  • Lead time key figures
  • Throughput time key figures
  • Production capacity key figures
  • Benchmarking
  • Planning basis

Remuneration model

Success-oriented or performance-related remuneration or employee grouping by salary range can boost employee motivation and performance. Together we will find out which incentives and remuneration systems – for example rewarding quality or paying for performance – can make sense for your business. 

  • Differentiation of remuneration
  • Success-oriented remuneration
  • Group-based remuneration
  • Performance-related pay
  • Employee grouping by salary range
  • Quality reward system

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