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At IMA Schelling Austria, all students always have the chance to perform interesting tasks and projects within the framework of bachelor, master & diploma theses, practical terms or internships. Possibilities are available in miscellaneous business functions within the company (mechanical or electrical design, development, supply chain, production …). An internship or a bachelor/master or diploma thesis can be your first step on the career ladder with IMA Schelling Austria.

Do you still attend school and want to get some insights into what it is like to work at an internationally oriented mechanical engineering company? Then take your chance to prepare for your future career within the framework of an internship: Step into the world of panel processing & handling technology at IMA Schelling and get to know the different departments of our company.

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Dual studies

at IMA Schelling Austria

Career-accompanying training – start your career at IMA Schelling while you are studying! In cooperation with the Vorarlberg and Dornbirn polytechnics, we offer dual study courses, i.e. career-accompanying training that allows you to work and study simultaneously.


Dual study BSc course at the Vorarlberg Polytechnic

The Electrical Engineering course (BSc) combines studying at the Vorarlberg Polytechnic (FHV) and practical professional training at IMA Schelling Austria. During the first year, you'll get profound theoretical training at the FHV. In the second year, i.e. after the third term, you will continue to the next part, the practical part of your training.

What you can expect from this dual bachelor course of study:

  • valuable practical experience
  • fascinating tasks
  • advanced work and communication equipment
  • a spirit of mutual appreciation


Career-accompanying BSc course of study at the Dornbirn Polytechnic

Since 2017, students at the Dornbirn Polytechnic can study Mechatronics Engineering (BSc) based on a career-accompanying training concept. Fields of study include mechanics, electrical installation technology, pneumatics, hydraulics, etc. Hence, this course of study is the ideal training program for the IMA Schelling world.  
Students registered for the career-accompanying mechatronics engineering course at the Dornbirn Polytechnic can regularly work on a part-time basis for our company to reconcile work and studies.

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Career-accompanying BSc course at the Vorarlberg Polytechnic

Qualified specialists and executives in computer science (or at the intersection of computer science and economics) who accompany the digital transformation and take its chances are in high demand in the job market. Our demand for computer science experts is constantly rising as well.

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MSc course at the Vorarlberg Polytechnic

During the MSc course in computer science at the Vorarlberg Polytechnic, you will learn to take responsibility in complex software projects and to successfully bring the projects into being at the appropriate academic level. In this process, the Polytechnic will offer you the possibility to work on a flexible basis (max. 50 %) in the company. IMA Schelling will offer part-time jobs for this purpose – optimal conditions to kick-start your career as an IT specialist at IMA Schelling Austria.


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