IMA Schelling Deutschland
Further education

Your possibilities of further education at IMA Schelling Germany


Having well trained employees is the most important asset for our company – we at IMA Schelling Deutschland have known that for a long time. Hence, we make a standard practice of providing young people with the best possible training and facilitating their growth and development.

In the year 2013, the IMAversity initiative was launched. IMAversity approaches all future-oriented topics of our human resources department. This includes amongst other things supporting our apprentices in order to offer them the best possible opportunities. IMA Schelling Deutschland also has a special apprenticeship programme which includes training for various topics, such as “social manners in everyday work”, “stress management” or “team building”. But also project training is carried out periodically with our apprentices to make them familiar with our complex technologies. 

Moreover we offer an annual human resources development programme with around 80 possibilities of further education enabling all employees to receive education in different fields. Of course our apprentices may also attend this training, thus extending their knowledge and skills.

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