IMA Schelling Group

The IMA Schelling Group operates all over the world

IMA Schelling Polska

With almost 260 employees, IMA Schelling Polska has been an important sales and manufacturing branch of the IMA Schelling Group since 1998. Besides producing small standard throughfeed machines, conveyor systems and saws, the company also manufactures many components and subassemblies used for assembly of machines in our main production facilities of Lübbecke and Schwarzach. Moreover, IMA Schelling Polska is responsible for selling and servicing IMA Schelling machines and workcells in Poland, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Rumania and Hungary.

IMA Schelling Polska Automation

IMA Schelling Polska Automation (formerly Blumenbecker Engineering System Technology) has been part of the IMA Schelling Group since 2023. The company specialises in consulting, project planning, design, software development, system integration and switchgear construction. It is firmly established as a leading expert in automation and robotics solutions in Poland and has a remarkable record of product innovation and customer satisfaction. And thanks to a partially identical customer base, it harmonises ideally with IMA Schelling. Blumenbecker Engineering System Technology, with its 60 or so employees, will remain an independent company and will trade under the name IMA Schelling Polska Automation in future.