Between the atlantic & the appalachian mountains

With a population of some nine million, the historical and industrial north carolina is one of the most densely populatet states of the USA.
With its diverse natural environment and its attractive location on the atlantic ocean, it's a real gem.

The IMA Schelling location in the USA is positioned perfectly from an economic perspective. Morrisville is a suburb of Raleigh, the capital and second-largest city of North Carolina, situated in the heart of the southern state. Two other major cities lie just a stone’s throw away: Durham and Chapel Hill. These three cities form the ‘Research Triangle’, where the industrial sector plays a vital role. Over the past century, the textiles, furniture and tobacco industries have experienced a significant economic upswing. What’s more, a variety of high-tech companies are based there. It is, therefore, a fantastically central location for our American branch. Central is exactly the right word for it: Morrisville is situated right between the coast and upstate.


Those who prefer the sea to the mountains can visit North Carolina’s coastline. The almost 500-kilometre Atlantic coast offers wonderful sandy beaches on the Crystal Coast, countless lighthouses, and romantic seaports with historic mansions that are simply crying out for you to take a stroll around them. The Outer Banks are a chain of small islands off the coast where the first English colony was founded. Further south there is more glamour in Wilmington, the Secret Hollywood. In addition to tourism, the North Carolina film industry is becoming increasingly important: the dreamy stretches of coast have been used as film sets for major cinema productions a number of times in the past.

Florian Kleinschmidt | sales, project & product manager
IMA Schelling USA

After a successful sightseeing trip around the capital city, or to celebrate the end of the work day in style like our colleagues at the Morrisville site, you can find the perfect snack at the pizzeria ‘Slice of N.Y. Pizza’ in the centre of Raleigh. If you fancy a drink in some cultural surroundings, head to ‘Watts & Ward’, a cocktail bar with a stylish, cosy atmosphere which brings the flair of the 1920s back to life. This bar was a secret spot during the time of the Prohibition, and to this day it can only be reached through an inconspicuous side door.


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