Lübbecke, imbedded in the Westphalia Mühlenstraße between the Wiehengebirge mountains and the Mittelland Canal, also known as the Midland Canal, offers both strong domestic industry and miscellaneous recreation possibilities. To see all the highlights of the hometown of IMA Schelling Germany, you will need more than one visiting day. 

Whether it is the Wiehengebirge mountains, the numerous windmills or the large peat bog – the region around Lübbecke provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to discover the diverse attractions in this area on foot or by bicycle. To the delight of all, numerous storks have settled in the Minden-Lübbecke district, and they fly thousands of kilometres back home to their district every year.

More than 46 windmills can be discovered along the well-organised cycling routes of the Mühlenstraße (Windmill Road) – during the so-called Windmill Days, some of them are regularly put into operation. Along the Midland Canal towards Minden, a beautiful route leads you to the Kaiser Wilhelm monument with a breathtaking view of Minden and the water crossing of the river Weser and the Midland Canal. Frome here, your gaze sweeps to the far North German Plain. 

Numerous historic buildings tell of the 1200-year-old history of the town of Lübbecke. The town architecture is an exciting mix of old and new: for example, the newly designed market place next to the “Burgmannshof” court yard and a part of the old town wall is worth visiting.

The 26,000 inhabitants of Lübbecke are also proud of their handball team, Tus-N Lübbecke, which is in the second division of German handball. The atmosphere at the Lübbecke handball matches is electrifying every time. Further highlights are East Westphalia’s greatest funfair, the “Blasheimer Markt“, and the traditional „Bierbrunnenfest“ (well beer festival) organized by the private brewery of Barre. By the way, an exhibition in the vault cellar of the traditional Lübbecke-based company, tells the history of beer brewing.


Kai Hormann, special units pre-assembly department and freelance photographer:


"My personal highlight here in Lübbecke is the large peat bog – this gorgeous nature reserve is perfect for all seasons, with wafts of mist in autumn or sunsets in summer. You can watch storks, dragonflies and bog frogs; the bog is readily accessible and parts of it are free of obstacles, which I find fantastic for wheelchairs and buggies.”


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