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IMA Schelling Deutschland celebrates 840 years of seniority


Postponed is not abandoned: IMA Schelling Deutschland honours 27 employees with 25 and 40 years of seniority. Last year, the celebration was cancelled due to the pandemic. Instead, the jubilarians from 2020 were honoured on 26 October and the jubilarians from 2021 on 29 October.

f.l.t.r: Vintage 2020 – 25 Years: Tanja Reum (Works Council), Andreas Vogt, Klaus Grote, Christiane Meyer-Therolf, Dennis Korff, Darius Mucha, Gholam Micaeli Namin, Andreas Bischoff (CSO) Missing: Frank Gäbe, Tim Brunschütte, Sven Zilewitsch and Stefan Beckemeier

f.l.t.r.: Vintage 2020 – 40 Years: Uwe Hussmann (Works Council), Horst-Michael Kirschner, Wilfried Brüske, Michael Stüber, Manfred Kaul, Andreas Bischoff (CSO) Missing: Günter Bartmann and Johannes Hiebing

f.l.t.r.: Vintage 2021 – 25 Years: Christoph Geiger (COO), Eduard Fröse, Uwe Stadtkewitz, Andreas Ecke, Lars Scheer, Tanja Reum (Works Council), Dirk Pfeiffer, Christian Oncken, Andreas Bischoff (CSO)

f.l.t.r.: Vintage 2021 – 40 Years: Christoph Geiger (COO), Uwe Hussmann (Works Council), Heiko Schiewer, Thomas Fuhlrott, Frank Wallossek, Frank Bönker, Andreas Bischoff (CSO)

Congratulations and a big thank you! In their speech, Andreas Bischoff and Christoph Geiger from the IMA Schelling Group management congratulated the jubilarians of the double year 2020/2021 and thanked them for their many years of good cooperation and loyalty to the company. The honourees were delighted to receive a letter of congratulations from the management, a certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and a high-quality gift basket. "25 or 40 years with a company - that is not a matter of course nowadays. That's why it was especially important for us to make up for last year's event, which was cancelled. Our employees with decades of experience are the basis of our business success, and not just since times of shortage of skilled workers. We would like to pay tribute to this - and celebrate many more anniversaries in the coming years," says Andreas Bischoff, CSO of the IMA Schelling Group.