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Individually customisable systems for thin board cutting - The best solution for every job


Through its Board business unit, IMA Schelling equips large board factories with tailor-made processing systems. IMA Schelling Board also offers solutions for the special requirements of thin board cutting.

Precision-turned polyamide rollers are used in the systems of IMA Schelling Board. They protect thin boards with highly sensitive surfaces

The new sawing machine table from IMA Schelling Board with microjet air nozzles and a hard-chromium-plated surface

IMA Schelling configures complete systems for the cutting of thin boards, which are equipped to process HDF and MDF boards with thicknesses of 1.5 to 10 millimetres. The key features of the cutting systems are the high-performance saws from IMA Schelling. With a motor output of up to 75 kW and cutting height of up to 225 mm, they are specially designed to efficiently cut thin, high-strength boards. The cutting systems can be placed in direct succession to the sanding line in the material flow, where cutting packages are formed from the individual boards. Alternatively, the system can be equipped with a special thin board feeding mechanism. In either case, feeding with the precise quantity of thin boards is guaranteed. An angular system with a longitudinal and crosscut saw divides the packages. For individual cutting patterns, it is also possible to install a rotary table in front of the longitudinal saw, on which head cuts can be made.

For thin boards too, the number of highly sensitive surfaces is constantly growing. For tasks like these, IMA Schelling offers a new sawing machine table featuring a table surface with a high-quality, hard-chromium-plated finish. The table is equipped with special microjet air nozzles, which allow the board package to glide across the machine table. Alongside the machine table, special roller tables with precision-turned polyamide rollers are used in all areas where the sensitive material is handled. This enables high-performance cutting of highly sensitive boards.

After cutting, a fully automated system sorts the boards into stacks and puts them down using a reach stacker. The stacking stations are automatically filled with pallets and/or base boards. When stacking, hard-chromium-plated stacker forks and protective polyamide roller tables are used for boards with highly sensitive surfaces. The Engineering department of IMA Schelling works with customers to designs cutting systems like these to the customer’s precise individual requirements.