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New cassette system for area storage - Stacking laminates more intelligently


With a newly developed cassette system, IMA Schelling makes the storage of thin laminates much easier. They can be stored by type in transport cassettes, and the cassettes can also be stacked in the area storage system. This saves valuable storage space and makes transporting the laminate sheets much faster.

The IMA Schelling area storage system vs 12 now also accommodates transport cassettes with thin laminate stacks.

The IMA Schelling area storage system vs 12 now also accommodates transport cassettes with thin laminate stacks.

In conventional area storage, the stacking heights of the 0.5 to 2 mm thick thin laminates are limited due to their physical properties. In addition, each type requires its own storage space, which means that the space is not used efficiently. In the newly developed cassettes, the laminates can be stored up to 50 mm high and sorted by type.


Stack higher and use the warehouse more efficiently

The laminates are stored fully automatically. The gantry carriage with suction pads distributes the delivered sheets by type into the cassettes at a suitable point in the warehouse and stacks them on top of each other at the storage locations. The loaded cassettes can thus be stacked up to a height of 2,000 mm. In this way, the storage space is clearly used more efficiently. Since sorting, pre-picking and storage do not require a system operator, they can also be carried out when the cutting system is idle. During storage and removal, sensors in the suction crossbeam check the thickness of the laminate sheets. This ensures that exactly the desired number of sheets is moved. Transporting the laminates in cassettes increases efficiency, as not each panel individually, but all together are moved as needed to reach the next type of material.


Fully automatic to the saw

The parameters of each stored panel are stored in the logistics system. From the storage bins, the saw can thus be fed directly, quickly and fully automatically for cutting. Likewise, customer orders for raw panels can be retrieved easily and in a time-saving manner, regardless of whether they are single-grade or so-called "colourful stacks" of different materials.


Adaptable to existing area storage systems

Converting an area storage system to the new cassette system requires little technical effort. The cassettes are made of aluminium profiles and weigh 86 kg when empty. To be able to pick them up and move them, the suction crossbeam is modified. The load capacity of the cassette is 250 kg. The gantry carriage transports the cassettes via travel beam and bridge over the entire surface over storage widths of up to 22 metres and storage lengths of up to 100 metres and more if required.