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New generation of plastic saws from IMA Schelling put into operation


Plastics processor faigle Industrieplast GmbH had several special requests when it came to the production of a new precision saw from IMA Schelling Precision. The result is an improved design that satisfies every requirement. The new generation of the fk 8 has achieved a further increase in production quality and is now proving its worth every single day at faigle.

The new fk8 from IMA Schelling offers numerous improvements compared to its predecessor. (Source: faigle Industrieplast GmbH)

faigle Industrieplast processes a variety of engineering thermoplastics on the new fk8 from IMA Schelling. (Source: faigle Industrieplast GmbH)

Tobias Wanner: "The saws from IMA Schelling Precision are very stable and deliver precise cutting results." (Source: faigle Industrieplast GmbH)

Based in Hard on the shores of Lake Constance, faigle Industrieplast GmbH is a member of the faigle corporate group and specialises in the machining of plastics. The 70-strong workforce exclusively processes engineering thermoplastics in over 100 different materials, such as PE, PP, PMMA, PA, POM, PTFE and PEEK. Tribology often plays an important role in the choice of plastics processed by faigle. "We supply customers such as mechanical engineering companies and also produce components that are later used in things like conveyor systems in parcel distribution centres, sliding elements in freight wagons or braking systems on trains," explains Tobias Wanner, Head of Production and Operation at faigle Industrieplast. Semi-finished products in sheet format is the standard starting material for the company's products, which is why cutting these sheets to size is usually the first step in faigle's process chain.

The faigle group of companies has been working with IMA Schelling Precision since 1995. Three IMA Schelling machines are currently in use within the group: an fk 6 and an fk 8 in Hard, as well as another fk 6 at the Swiss faigle Igoplast AG site in Au. "We work in partnership with IMA Schelling Precision. Their saws are very stable and deliver precise cutting results. In addition, we want to have a uniform in-house saw technology," says Tobias Wanner. For this reason, IMA Schelling was the primary contact when the decision was made to invest in a new fk 8 cut-to-size saw.

Partnership for the further development of the fk 8

The manufacturing specialists at faigle approached IMA Schelling Precision with a list of configuration requests, all of which the plant manufacturer implemented. One reason for choosing the fk 8 was the high maximum book or sheet thickness of 150 mm. faigle attaches great importance to this feature.

One significant innovation of the cut-to-size saw IMA Schelling designed is the revised pressure beam system. It is divided into two parts with electric drive and has a closing device to extract the clamps. This new system has several advantages, such as the material-saving ability to perform half-kerf cuts that leave no waste apart from chips. As the contact pressure can be applied precisely, the pressure beam is also ideal for fixing in place pressure-sensitive materials such as foams.

Another important detail of the improved fk 8 is the vertical-moving scorer unit. This unit is equipped with a scorer saw blade and automatically performs a vertical movement of up to 70 mm upwards at the end of the sheet. This prevents chipouts when the saw blade leaves the sheet.

Machine equipment according to the customer's wishes

Other improvements include the fact that the sheets are continuously guided on a roller table, ensuring a uniformly level contact surface. The saw blades can now be replaced immediately once the machine has been switched off, as they are fixed in place after the motor stops. Previously, operators had to wait about 30 to 60 seconds for the saw blade to stop moving. The cutting gap is closed with spring-loaded guides and only opens when the saw unit passes by. This ensures that no trim waste falls into the machine during cutting, which would cause unnecessary damage. All these improvements contribute to an even higher level of accuracy and process reliability compared to the previous model. In accordance with faigle's specifications, the new fk 8 also has a hard-chromed machine table, a strip aligner and numerous clamps so that several strips can be fixed next to each other.

Saw put through its paces prior to delivery

IMA Schelling Precision first subjected the revised saw to thorough testing while performing many cuts and load tests to confirm it functioned to its full potential. In October 2021, a preliminary acceptance test took place at the supplier's factory with a range of semi-finished plastic products. Everything went smoothly and successfully.

"The old machine was then replaced very quickly. It only took a week to remove the old machine and install the new one," says Head of Production Tobias Wanner. "In February 2022, the machine boasted a technical availability rate of 97 to 98 per cent. That's a very high figure indeed." The saw is also connected to software for cutting pattern optimisation and remainder sheet management. Cutting patterns are created in the office and automatically sent to the saw. Remainder sheet management ensures that the optimised size of the sheet is also selected for the generated cutting pattern.

The saw adjusts all machine and tool parameters according to the material type. The parameters can be changed directly on the saw at any time by qualified personnel and saved for subsequent processes.