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New sawing robot concept - Automatically into the future


With the saw-robot combination, the business unit Precision of IMA Schelling introduces a forward-looking, efficient automation solution. It complements the high-performance IMA Schelling aluminum saws. If you intend to purchase a new processing system, the integration of the robot concept guarantees you a significant increase in performance. Individually tailored to your needs, IMA Schelling optimizes material handling from saw feeding to stacking of finished blanks. The saw-robot combination is particularly suitable for cutting aluminum half-size and remnant panels weighing up to 500 kilograms.

[Translate to English:] Die Säge-Roboter-Kombination des IMA Schelling Geschäftsbereichs Precision in Aktion: Der Roboterarm automatisiert den Prozess und beschickt selbsttätig die Säge mit Aluminium-Platten bis 500 Kilogramm Gewicht.

The robot takes over a whole range of tasks and brings the utilization of the saw to a new, previously unattained level: after feeding into the robotic cell, it lifts the material to the saw and takes over the handling during turning and alignment during cutting. The robot stacks finished blanks on programmed positions, as well as residual formats for later reuse. Cutting waste is sorted by the robotics according to alloys and disposed of in separate containers.


The automated processes increase efficiency and shorten processing times. Time- and energy-consuming processes - lifting, turning, stacking - are carried out by the robot in fast work cycles, around the clock if necessary. This reduces the need for the scarce resource of personnel at the sawing line. For cuts that can be produced more efficiently by manual labor, the new robot colleague naturally leaves the saw to your employees. On request, the saw-robot combination can be customized for you with additional functions, such as labeling finished blanks.

See the video of the saw-robot combination