Successful in-house exhibition in Schwarzach - Only good vibes!

More than 200 visitors from 14 countries and around 1,440 minutes of presentations and workshops over three days: these are the figures for IMA Schelling's in-house exhibition, which took place in Schwarzach from June 12 to 14. Simon Waterbär, Sales Director at IMA Schelling, sums up the mood on site: "We didn't promise our visitors too much with the trade fair motto "Wood Vibes". There was huge interest in our innovative technologies and services, and the atmosphere was both relaxed and inspiring."

Knowledge makes Ah!

The wide range of presentations, workshops, demonstrations and company tours left hardly a wish for knowledge unfulfilled and no question unanswered. The technology experts from IMA Schelling placed a particular focus on the following topics:

  • Automation and robotics solutions - for trade and industry
  • Live demos in the new demonstration room - high-tech in action
  • From HPO to aimi - innovative software solutions for maximum productivity
  • Panel dividing saws for high-performance cutting - tour of the hl1 and demonstration of the ah8

So, how was it?

The positive feedback from visitors following the event shows that all the efforts were worthwhile. Among other things, the top-class lecture program received top marks. "Overall, the event provided an ideal setting to discuss our customers' concerns and topics in person," Simon Waterbär sums up. "The fact that all of our experts were gathered in one place and our products and services could be shown in-house was something our guests found particularly valuable."

More impressions from the in-house exhibition "Wood Vibes"