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Revision of the plastic saw fk 8 from IMA Schelling - Improved quality and safe processes in production


IMA Schelling upgrades the plastics saw fk 8 to the latest state of the art. The three most important innovations at a glance: The modified pressure bar enables scrape cuts and thus saves valuable material. An integrated clean-up function increases cleanliness during cutting. In addition, the new drive technology enables a more precise cut, while a high jumping scoring unit ensures exact and clean cutting edges.

With the improved plastic saw from IMA Schelling, users process packages or sheets of up to 150 mm. (Source: IMA Schelling Group GmbH)

The revised fk 8 from IMA Schelling offers numerous improvements over its predecessor. (Source: faigle Industrieplast GmbH)

IMA Schelling Precision engineers have redesigned the mechanical and electronic functions of their plastic saw. The comprehensive redesign of the machine improves production results and at the same time increases work safety. This brings numerous advantages, including preventing unwanted downtime during production. With the improved plastic saw, users can process packages or sheets of up to 150 mm.

Innovative: Powerful pressure beam system, high jumping scoring unit and powerful drive technology

The revised pressure beam is one of the central modifications of the panel-sizing saw for plastics. It is divided into two parts and has a closing device for the recess of the clamp. The new system has several advantages. It makes it possible to produce blanks with scrape cuts. This saves material, as there is no waste other than swarf. The swarf are extracted and discharged in front of and behind the saw blade. Due to the exact dosage of the contact pressure, the pressure beam is also suitable for fixing pressure-sensitive materials such as foams.

The high jumping scoring unit is another innovative element of the improved fk 8. This unit is equipped with a scoring saw blade and automatically performs a vertical movement of up to 70 mm upwards at the end of the panel. This means that there is no more swarf at the vertical cutting edges.

The new drive technology offers an exceptionally high cutting performance. In addition, the workpieces can be positioned faster and more accurately.

Enhanced: level support surface, shorter operating time and longer durability

In addition, the panels can be guided continuously on a roller table, which provides a uniformly flat support surface. Also, the saw blades can now be changed immediately after the machine is switched off, as they are fixed after the motor stops. Previously, machine operators had to wait about 30 to 60 seconds for the saw blade to stop moving. The cutting gap is closed with spring-loaded splitters and only opens when the saw unit passes by. In this way, no trimmings fall into the machine during cutting, which prevents damage. In addition, the new fk 8 has a hard-chrome-plated machine table, a strip aligner and numerous clamps so that many strips can be fixed next to each other.

"Through our many years of experience in dividing plastic sheets, IMA Schelling Precision has accumulated know-how that is visible on the saws in the form of deposited elaborations for a wide variety of materials or applications," explains Dieter Zucalli, Product Manager for the Precision at IMA Schelling. In addition, trained personnel can change the machine and tool parameters, such as cutting speed, speed or saw blade projection, directly on the saw as well. The result is an ideal cut, adapted to the materials to be processed, which extends the durability of the saw blades. The parameters can be saved for subsequent processes.