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Robot.sort plug-in sorting cells - Store cut-to-size parts temporarily and automatically with ease


The extremely successful Robot.sort range from the IMA Schelling Group is getting an addition: alongside the Robot.sort v, the new Robot.sort c is now also available, which stores individual parts within easy reach and therefore offers a highly flexible sorting solution.

With the new Robot.sort c sorting cell, the shelves can be adapted to the available part range in each case. Image: IMA Schelling Group

A sorting buffer is essential for a harmonious parts flow and maximum utilisation of interlinked plants. IMA Schelling now offers two automated robot sorting cells for this purpose: Robot.sort v for horizontal buffering and sorting, and Robot.sort c for vertical buffering and sorting.

Both sorting systems work with 6-axis robots that can handle boards weighing up to 50 kg. While the Robot.sort v is equipped with an innovative vacuum scissor load handling device, the new Robot.sort c uses a pneumatic clamping gripper developed in-house. This buffers the parts vertically in individual compartments so that they are retrieved in the correct order for the subsequent processes. The ability to adapt the shelves to their individual part range is especially appealing to customers; this is also possible retrospectively in the event of changes.

Horizontal or vertical depending on customer requirements

"The decision to opt for horizontal or vertical sorting depends on the customer's requirements," explains Jan Frederik Bode, Product Manager Robotics. Each system offers specific advantages:

Robot.sort v

  • Horizontal sorting
  • High capacity for small series due to book formation on the shelf
  • Sorting cells can be connected in different ways
  • Can be combined with many other IMA Schelling modules (trolley, Performance.cut, stacking places, etc.)

Robot.sort c

  • Vertical sorting
  • All parts can be picked individually
  • High part density for batch size 1 range
  • Can handle parts with fittings