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Xylexpo 2018 - Press kit


From 8 to 12 May, IMA Schelling Group exhibited at the Xylexpo in Italy. Here you will find the press kit with all information about the exhibited exhibits.

IMA Laser Edging or conventional edge banding with glue

Combima – the ultimate solution in single-side edge processing

The Combima edge bander for multi-radius milling is the ideal machine for fully automatic high-volume single component manufacture. It can easily be integrated in a customer-specific work cell where it will demonstrate its strengths: apart from the highly dynamic low-maintenance contour milling unit and the steplessly adjustable groove setting, these include, for example, the possibility of automatically changing between edge banding with glue and edge banding with laser as required.

The extremely heavy design of the Combima in conjunction with the wear resistant precision units comes up to particularly great demands placed on the capacity and quality of machines.  It is suitable for complex sizing and profiling tasks. In this process, the machine produces convincing results all down the line – from the workpiece infeed to the outfeed of the finished product.

The highly accurate servo infeed and end-stop system designed for veneer overhangs ensures the squareness and a high dimensional stability of the parts and is optimal for single-side machine concepts. Two different methods of applying edging tape guarantee perfect visual appearance and maximum strength of the adhesive joint: No matter if edge banding with a 3kW LDM laser or conventional edge banding with PUR glue is used, both methods produce a seamless edge. Flexibility is also provided by the 48-reel tape magazine which enables custom production. The contour milling unit (KFA) allows a fully automatic changeover between four edge profiles (three radii and chamfer), fine adjustments are also effected automatically by the machine control system. The maintenance-free unit achieves high dynamics, ensuring enormous acceleration and deceleration values. For the groove setting, the Combima combines several motors and tools to enable a number of groove positions, groove widths and rebates without tool change. The axis adjustments of the grooving units allow for fast and flexible positioning.

At the Xylexpo, IMA presents itself for the first time with its partner over many years, SIRIO. Together they brought many projects into being, amongst other things the batch-size-1 project. The panel cutting facility and the Combima edge bander were supplemented with functionalities provided by SIRIO. The Italian company is responsible for logistics, handling and the supervisory control system.

For premium-quality edge processing and high capacity in throughfeed operation

Novimat Compact: multi-radius milling with the contour milling unit ›KFA‹

The powerful edge banding machines of the NOVIMAT Compact series are IMA’s solution for getting started with industrial premium-quality edge processing. Units of solid design and optimal motor power ensure excellent repeatability, high technical availability and a long serviceable life. This enables sophisticated (small) batch production.

The cost-effective machine is designed for edge banding and fine finishing of edgings up to three millimetres thick. A solid and rigid fabricated base frame guarantees high dependability and a long serviceable life. Every machine is equipped with a modern industrial PC with a 21.5-inch Wide Monitor operated by a touch keyboard and mouse. The automation of essential functions permits uncomplicated one-man operation.

Due to the electronically adjustable double banded top conveyor belt, short panels and sensitive surfaces can be fed gently through the machine. The integrated panel support device is positionable within the working width. The closed-loop speed control of the centrally lubricated feed chain is effected in a program-controlled process. A fast glue change is possible due to the IMA quick-lock system.

Multi-profile technology with automatic profile change can be utilized.

The machine can be equipped with the optional IMALUX direct laser system for seamless edge processing of parts up to 28 mm thick. The robust low-maintenance laser entry-level technology yields a quality that is comparable to those of high-performance laser systems – but at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Produce more on less surface area

Efficient area storage system with patented scissor lift device enables storage above the panel cutting area

Whether batch-size-1 production with a great variety of materials or small batch production – the Schelling vs area storage system ensures highly efficient production in any case. In this process, aside from optimal storage area utilisation with widths of 4 to 20 m and lengths of 120 m, the horizontal carriage with patented scissor lift device also permits the operation of storage systems located one floor above the panel cutting cell. This is taken care of by the particularly large scissor lift stroke of 4700 mm. Hence more surface area is available for actual production – while providing for an optimal supply of the saw with material.

The Schelling vs area storage system contributes substantially to improving the utilization rate of the panel saws by up to 50 %, simultaneously saving both time and storage space that is precious and expensive. This is ensured by a fully mechanized and automated storage system with stack heights of up to 2000 mm and more. Storage, retrieval and repositioning are effected by the horizontal carriage. With its roller way and gantry above the panel stacks, it operates fast, accurately and in a space-saving manner.

The storage and management of the panels as well as of large and small residual parts is made in accordance with storage strategies matching the specific application. Depending on the order configuration – single jobs, large batches, continually changing, etc. – the panel stacks can be handled as homogeneous, dynamic or chaotic stacks.

The patented scissor lift device has a lift stroke of up to 4700 mm, which enables the area storage system to be operated at a floor level located above that of the production equipment. That means that the previous, very expensive lift-table solutions belong to the past.

Other features:

  • consistent safety concept
  • weight-optimized design consisting of 2 beams with a low construction height
  • storage system operating independently of the panel cutting cell
  • manual bulk storage management

Panel saw fh 5: Compact. Accurate. Versatile

Accuracy and perfect cutting performance combined with automation, optimized process sequences and high productivity – that is what the Schelling fh 5 stands for. The accurate and versatile panel saw provides flexible cutting capabilities for single panels and packages which makes it suitable both for use in sophisticated small businesses and industrial corporations.

Compared with its “little sister", the Schelling fh 4, the fh 5 features a more powerful drive system and a more solid design to allow for substantially stronger cutting of packages. The unique patented Evolution drive concept with a power of 21 kW enables even special wood panels to be machined without problem. Aside from packages and solid wood, the saw can also cut softformed and postformed parts as well as (stopped) grooves, (stopped) rebates and V grooves, window openings and laminate and veneer.

The ergonomic panel saw cuts even the narrowest strips to size (widths as small as 40 mm).

In this process, the double strip aligner allows for maximum squareness, and a clamp with outfeed function holds the parts securely in position down to the end of the worktable. A movable air cushion table facilitates the handling of heavy panels and packages.

Intelligent features and automatability

The intelligent features of the saw comprise, amongst other things, individualized materials feeding, handling and stacking layouts, automatic labelling in the feeding zone, a separate sweep-off carriage and a turning device as well as two independently operating workpiece infeed systems for independent positioning of the workpieces (DUPLUS2). Overhanging laminates are cut off by the sizing unit of the fh 5.

Moreover, various automation possibilities allow for maximum productivity, and a lift table with separate sweep-off carriage ensures efficient feeding.

Controller with intuitive operation

The Windows-based MCS controller enables easy and intuitive operation. It offers, as a standard feature, a cutting plan generator for simple generating of cutting plans. With its own optional software tools such as HPO cutting plan optimization, XBoB management of residual parts and stack concept for custom production, the system significantly increases the productivity and material utilization.  Furthermore, the controller standardly features a large 22" display.

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