Information to installation and service disployments under covid-19-conditions

Due to the current situation with regard to Covid-19, installation and service work is only possible under difficult conditions.
Therefore, we endeavor to carry out assignments via teleservice, or postpone them if possible.
Enclosed you will find an overview of measures and specifications which currently make our assignments much more time and resource intensive.
Of course we will do our best to support you on site if necessary.
Currently, the following conditions apply to travel activities of our employees.

IMA Schelling Deutschland


Please note: The regulations listed below no longer apply since 20.11.20, as the Corona Entry Regulation NRW has been repealed.


However, it can be assumed that the Corona Entry Regulation NRW will be revised in the short term and then apply again in a similar form.

National specifications

Test/quarantine obligation:

Returning travellers who have stayed in a risk area for more than 5 days must undergo a PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 at the latest after entry and remain in a 10-day isolation until the result is negative.

The isolation period ends at the earliest on the fifth day after entry, if a person has a negative test result for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infection in paper or electronic form, in English, French or German, not older than 48 hours and presents it immediately to the competent health authority on request within ten days of entry. The medical certificate must be kept for at least ten days after entry. 

The competent health authority must be informed immediately after entry by e-mail or telephone, if not already done electronically (

Conversely, the above rules also apply when foreign business partners travel to NRW, unless an extraordinary permit has been granted by the competent health authority.

Exception to the quarantine obligation:

  • Duration of stay under 24 hours (BENELUX only)
    No obligation to test
    No quarantine obligation
    No obligation to report
  • Business trips of less than 5 days and an already existing negative PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 are exempt from the obligation to segregate. 
  • In this case, the following documents must be carried with you:
    • Indispensable letter from the employer 
    • Corresponding work order 
    • negative PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 in English, French or German

The following applies in principle:

  • Before entering Germany an online registration must be made:
  • If a digital entry application should not be possible for technical reasons, a replacement notification must be filled in and carried with you.
  • The competent health office must be contacted accordingly and the replacement message must be sent to the relevant health office when requested. 
  • An already existing negative test result (medical certificate) not older than 48 hours must be sent immediately to the responsible health office by e-mail.


Corona-Entry regulations (CoronaEinrVO) North Rhine-Westphalia
Attention: Overridden since 20.11.20 (see above)!

Our handling of this regulation

We always have all employees tested after returning from designated risk areas and have at least one working day's absence from work. 

For trips of 5 days or more, our colleagues have to spend at least 5 days in quarantine and we have a loss of working hours of at least 5 days. 

Current risk areas


IMA Schelling Austria

National specifications

Test/quarantine obligation:

A negative molecular biological test for SARS-CoV-2 not older than 72 hours must be submitted for entry. 
Alternatively, a 10-day quarantine must be completed. 

Exception to the quarantine obligation:

According to §8, this does not apply to business trips in the context of commuting from certain countries. (see "Information of WKO")

Our handling of this regulation

Our employees are not required to undergo testing or quarantine upon entry, provided that they were in the designated countries for which these exceptions apply. (see "Information of WKO")

Nevertheless, we subject our employees to a quick test when they return home. However, this test has no official character, but only serves our and your safety.