IMA Schelling Precision
Automatic Manipulation Device (AMD)

Fully automated cutting of aluminium panels and technical plastics

Fully automated panel cutting

Increase efficiency by reducing the dead time in the sawing process

In order to optimize the cutting efficiency for vacuum impermeable block materials (density > 0.9 g/cm3) on our manual panel saws of the fm and fk series, we have developed the Automatic Manipulation Device (AMD) for the big fm/fk 10 and fm/fk 12 saws. The handling system with manipulation on flat surfaces takes on fully automatic material handling tasks after the sawing process and hence allows for fully automated panel cutting. Finished parts are taken out of the cell by the AMD, and also offcut removal is performed automatically.

Thus, the AMD decouples the working steps from each other, reduces dead times and hence significantly increases the saw's utilization rate. At the same time, operators are less exposed to physical load and freed from monotonous work.

  • Fully automatic panel cutting
  • Cutting lengths of 330 and 430 mm
  • Cutting height of max. 235 mm
  • Parts can be fed using vacuum systems or
    preparation tables as required
  • Weight of the part held by the manipulator: max. 2600 kg
  • Automatic labelling before panel cutting
  • Gentle material handling
  • 100% automated panel cutting
  • Minimization of offcuts due to CLEAN-UP system
  • Automatic offcut removal
  • Finished parts are automatically taken out of the cell
  • Automatic cleaning program for the manipulation table


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