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Manual panel saws for non-ferrous metals – the fm series

Accurate and efficient cutting of NF metal panels

Panel cutting saws for aluminium and non-ferrous heavy metals

Almost chip-free final cuts without scratches, burrs and without rework

The IMA Schelling "Precision“ panel saws offer excellent dimensional accuracy and cutting performance. They rely on heavy duty mechanical engineering as well as powerful motors. Sophisticated design features allow flexible use, smart details minimize dead time, and our CLEAN-UP function provides absolute cleanliness.

Intelligent panel handling, practical details and powerful drives ensure short processing times and dead times, hence allowing for short work cycles and raising industrial productivity. In this context, our manual saws guarantee dimensional accuracy, cleanliness and intelligent panel handling and – in the upper-tier segments – exceptionally high cutting performance and material removal rates.

fm 6

Solid, precise and fast

Like all our panel saws, the manual fm 6 saw for non ferrous metals convinces through its accurate panel cutting. A powerful 27 kW sawing motor together with the solid heavy-duty construction of the machine allows for good cutting performance. Equipped with our patented CLEAN-UP function, which extracts 99.5 % of the chips, the fm 6 guarantees clean and hence highly accurate working. Moreover the rotary table with air cushion fitted as standard increases production capacity by 15%, thus raising the profit.

fm 8

The power package

Our fm 8 saw is the perfect machine tool for industrial, highly productive and accurate cutting of non ferrous metal panels and panel stacks up to 150 mm thick. Its solid massive structure and its powerful 34 kW motor are key factors contributing to its high performance and precision. Furthermore, numerous design features allow the machine to be used in a very flexible manner. Rotary tables and worktables make the handling of heavy panels quick and easy.

fm 10

Great power reserves, maximum productivity

Our fm 10 precision panel saw sets a global benchmark for high-end industrial sawing machines for non ferrous metals. Its solid heavy duty design allows the installation of a powerful 55 kW motor that offers even more momentum, speed and significantly reduced machining time when it comes to cutting aluminium and non-ferrous metal panels up to 200 mm thick. Moreover numerous detail improvements cut non-productive time, thus boosting productivity, and increase user comfort.

fm 12

A new era of fast and precise sawing

Whether used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into an automated production line – our fm 12 precision saw for aluminium and non-ferrous heavy metals with package heights up to 250 millimetres is capable of doing both. The machine is so powerful because of its extended technical features and integration options. It convinces through its extremely high cutting performance and material removal rates as well as perfect precision. A 68 kW motor is the responsible factor for high productivity. Excellent cleanliness in the entire working area and periphery as well as perfect surface quality of the panels are ensured by our CLEAN-UP chip extraction system.

The outstanding features of the fm series

  • Can be used for miscellaneous non-ferrous metals and their alloys
  • High squareness due to double-side strip aligner
  • Exceptionally high cutting performance & material removal rates and optimal force transmission through the use of a unique drive concept with fixed motor
  • Long service life of the saw blade through minimal quantity lubrication
  • Solid heavy-duty machine base for perfect cutting results
  • The surface-finished worktable provides a gentle work-holding method
  • Patented CLEAN-UP extraction system with chip deflector and ducting removes 99.5 % of the chips
  • Very high precision 
  • Motor power ratings ranging from 27 to 68 kW
  • Panel thicknesses up to 100mm / 150 mm / 200 mm / 250 mm (fm 6 / fm 8 / fm 10 / fm 12)
  • A full-span pressure beam ensures perfect work-holding (fm 6 / fm 8 / fm 10 / fm 12)
  • Air cushion tables / rotary tables facilitate the handling of heavy panels (fm 6 / fm 8 / fm 10 / fm 12)



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