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Automatic sorting, stacking & feeding

Multitalents with sophisticated technology

Ultra fast and flexible sorting, stacking and feeding

Our robots are true all-rounders and perfectly suited to our panel cutting saws. They feed material to the saw and, if desired, stack cut pieces exactly in their assigned positions – depending on equipment and programming. In addition to these operations, the robot takes on other material handling tasks such as strip handling, buffering or part labelling.

This is made possible by load pick-up and sensor technologies developed specifically for panel shaped materials. Changes in panel format, thickness, weight and material will not cause any problems to our robots, independently of whether multi-line or multi-row stacks are formed. Even very thin metal or plastic panels can be manipulated without any problems thanks to the sophisticated design of the vacuum pick-up device. In this process, perfect sensor technology allows for secure handling.

Since our robots work very fast and accurately, they reduce dead time and instantly improve the profitability of your machines and workcells. Their solid design ensures high technical availability, even when they need to perform under exacting conditions.

By the way: You can also retrofit your existing machines and workcells with our robots, thus significantly boosting the efficiency of your production.


If so, we will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our cost-effective 'Performance.cut' panel cutting solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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