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Storage systems

Efficient storage of panel-shaped plastics and metals

Area storage system

Processing efficiency begins with a well-designed storage system

Our area storage system contributes essentially to improving the utilization rate of the panel saws for plastics, building materials and light metals by up to 50 %, simultaneously saving both time and storage space that is precious and expensive. The secret is the perfect interaction with our machines and a fully mechanized and automated storage system. Areas of 4 to 20 m width and up to 100 m length (or more if desired) can be fully utilized. The maximum stacking height is 2000 mm.

Storage, retrieval and repositioning as well as feeding panels to the area storage system are performed by a horizontal carriage that operates fast, accurately and in a space-saving manner by moving along a roller way mounted onto the overhead gantry above the panel stacks. Each of these storage systems for plastic sheets, building materials and lightweight aluminium panels is designed to meet the criteria of your specific materials. For example, the best storage option for thin panels – which are difficult to separate – is our area storage system with cassette-drawer system. If desired, we will also optimize storage systems purchased from sub-suppliers in order to be able to ensure practical automated production for your company.

You can adapt the panel storage strategies exactly to your order configuration. Depending on whether single jobs, large batches or batches of one with continually changing materials are processed, the panel stacks will be handled as homogeneous, dynamic or chaotic stacks by the storage system.

The advantages of our area storage system at a glance:

  • Storage of panel-shaped building materials as well as panels made from plastics and metals of different types and sizes
  • Automated conveying systems allow for safe and secure handling of panels
  • Efficient and fast storage and retrieval 
  • Panels can be put into storage and retrieved via different storage positions
  • Optimal space utilization in the storage area
  • Panels are automatically fed to downstream panel cutting cells
  • Full utilization of storage space inside the protective fencing and below the guideways
  • Automatic remnant handling 
  • Total height of the system: 3600 mm

High-bay warehouse

Panel processing efficiency begins far before panel cutting

High-bay warehouse with stack conveyor system for medium and high performance requirements 

Storage space is scarce and expensive, and especially panel materials take up a lot of floor space. When the available space is limited, our high-bay warehouses are the solution. They optimize warehouse logistics and space utilization by offering unlimited access to each individual panel, a high degree of user comfort and, if required, complete stack handling. The faster a panel transits through the storage process and the less space it takes, the more cost-effective the process will be.

In our high-bay warehouse, single panels are handled by a telescopable vacuum pick-up device. Stacks are carried by a multi-chain conveyor on a stacker crane which performs the order picking. In this process, the stacker crane – which is available in different designs – moves on two bearing rails. The maximum construction height is 12 metres, and the maximum length is 100 metres.

The specific features of our high-bay warehouses:

  • An individual adaptation of length, height and spacing between shelves is possible 
  • PC based control system and visualization of the cell
  • Direct link to the Manufacturing Execution System 
  • High flexibility and storage capacity through handling of single panels and packages
  • Optional digital servo drives designed for high dynamics
  • Vacuum pick-up device provides for careful handling of materials
  • Standard storage rack depth of 2100 mm

Panel dimensions

  • Length: 2000 - 5600 mm (system lengths of 2800 mm, 4200 mm, 5600 mm)
  • Width: 600 - 2200 mm (worktop 600 - 1300 mm, format panel 1300 - 2200 mm)
  • Thickness: 3.5 - 40 (60) mm
  • Minimum size of remnant panel: 2000 mm x 600 mm
  • Maximum weight of panel:  350 kg
  • Maximum height of stacking: 600 mm


If so, we will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our storage systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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