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Panel cutting cells of the ak series

Industrial cutting of plastics with tailor-made work cells

Panel cutting cells for plastics, building materials and special materials

Configured to meet your specific needs

Proper sawing of panel-shaped plastics in an industrial production process is a challenging task. All parameters – i.e. the rotation speed of the saw blade, the feed rate, the handling process and the cleanliness – must be exactly suited to the specific material properties. Only in this way can we optimize the machining speed and accuracy and provide gentle processing of the material.

Our IMA Schelling “Precision” team develops and realizes fully or partially automated sawing cells tailored exactly to your needs. In this process, we use proven modules and components of our plastic saws and create value through close and trustful cooperation between our companies. Depending on the task to be performed, we also include our technology partners for the periphery as well as upstream and downstream workcell elements.

The result is that our workcells can be configured to meet the specific requirements of batch production or highly individualized production with varying order types and manufacturing parameters such as batch size, format, materials, surfaces, stack heights, etc., and the resulting cells can be integrated in an existing manufacturing system or a newly designed production line.

ak 6

The premium middle class

Saws should be both accurate and fast when it comes to cutting plastic panels in an industrial production environment. The ak 6 meets both criteria perfectly. Solidly constructed, equipped with 27 kW motor power and offering a steplessly variable speed range for very different panel materials, it produces parts with high dimensional accuracy at respectable throughput speeds and keeps producing after decades of operation.

ak 8

You need a little bit more?

Our ak 8 panel cutting centre effortlessly cuts panel packages and complete blocks made from miscellaneous plastics up to a package height of 150 mm. This is made possible by the strong sawing motor with a power of 34 kW. But the ak 8 is not only powerful. Thanks to its patented CLEAN-UP system, it also impresses through maximum cleanliness.

ak 10

Bring your panel cutting operations to a new level

When cutting technical plastics and materials with comparable properties, the new sawing concept of the ak 10 significantly increases the performance of the workcell. One factor contributing to this increase is the novel 55 kW motor of the panel saw. It can cope reliably with the constant high load to which it is subjected in the sawing process and is capable of cutting both panel packages and blocks up to 200 mm without any difficulty. Feeders and stackers guarantee an optimal throughfeed process. With its high output, the ak 10 is the ideal cutting solution for manufacturers of plastic panels.

ak 12

Maximum power

The big sister of the ak 10 convinces through its powerful 68 kW motor enabling it to achieve extremely high cutting performance and material removal rates. It is designed to cut through technical plastics and comparable materials just like butter. And despite its high performance and solid heavy-duty construction, the ak 12 does not need an additional foundation. The patented CLEAN-UP system and a novel split pressure beam ensure maximum cleanliness, even when half-kerf cuts are performed. We offer the ak 12 with cutting lengths up to 6300 mm as standard. Special lengths can be supplied on request.

The outstanding features of the ak series

  • New power concept
  • Feeder design adapted to the material properties
  • Alignment and package generation of thin panels without the use of an alignment fence
  • Automatic labeling
  • Clean-up and dust protection systems
  • Anti-static units
  • Finished worktable surfaces
  • Gentle material handling
  • Offcut removal
  • Stacking systems


If so, we will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our panel cutting cells for plastics, building materials and special materials. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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