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Manual panel saws of the fk series

Technology for highly productive and accurate panel cutting depending on your requirements

Panel cutting saws for plastics, building materials and special materials

Precise, flexible, intelligent and clean

Industrial manufacturing requires dependable performance. Our manual panel saws of the fk series are exactly the right choice to achieve this goal. They offer optimally adapted and proven technology for extremely productive and absolutely precise cutting of single panels or complete panel packages made from plastics, building materials and special materials – ranging from the entry-level segment to sophisticated industrial production.

Intelligent panel handling, practical details and powerful drives ensure short processing times and dead times, hence allowing for short work cycles and raising industrial productivity. In this context, our manual saws guarantee dimensional accuracy, cleanliness and intelligent panel handling and – in the upper-tier segments – exceptionally high cutting performance and material removal rates.

fk 4

Easy cutting of plastic panels & sheets

Our manual fk 4 panel saw with a cutting length of 3300 mm or 4300 mm uses optimally adapted and proven technology for professional and material-specific processing of plastics, composite materials and innovative new materials. The basis for this is laid by its solid heavy-duty construction and a working motor with 32 kW power.

fk 6

The premium middle class

Saws should be both accurate and fast when it comes to cutting plastic panels in an industrial production environment. The Schelling fk 6 meets both criteria perfectly. Solidly constructed, equipped with 27 kW motor power and offering a steplessly variable speed range for very different panel materials, it produces parts with high dimensional accuracy at respectable throughput speeds and will keep producing for many years.

fk 8

Chip-free high-performance cutting

The integrated rotary table of the fk 8 increases productivity by around 15 percent. The CLEAN-UP system removes almost 100 percent of the chips from the workpiece, the dust protection device allows for additional cleanliness, and short cycle times maximize throughput.

The solid heavy-duty construction of the machine and a powerful 34 kW sawing motor form the basis of the state-of-the-art machine concept.

fk 10

Great power reserves, maximum productivity

Solidly constructed and equipped with a powerful VFD controlled motor, the fk 10 offers even more momentum and speed, thus reducing machining times. Moreover, numerous detail improvements cut non-productive time, boost productivity and increase user comfort.

Hence, the fk 10 precision saw sets a global benchmark for high-end industrial sawing machines for all types of plastics.

fk 12

Maximum precision and productivity

The fk 10 precision saw for plastic panel packages up to 250 millimetres high provides impressive cleanliness in the entire working area and its periphery. 99.5 % of the chips are reliably deflected. This improves precision and further reduces the risk of scratching the panel surfaces.
The fk 12 can be used in stand-alone mode, but it is also designed to be integrated into an automated manufacturing system.

The outstanding features of the fk series

  • Can be used for panel materials with very different properties
  • Maximum dimensional accuracy
  • Gentle material handling
  • Heavy duty mechanical engineering for vibration-free cutting
  • Patented CLEAN-UP function with chip deflector and ducting system removes 99.5 % of the chips
  • Motor power ratings ranging from 21 to 68 kW
  • Exceptionally high cutting performance and material removal rates
  • Intelligent panel handling
  • Package heights of 80 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm (fk 4, fk 6, fk 8, fk 10, fk 12)

In the fk 10 and fk 12 high performance classes, a novel pressure beam ensures perfect work-holding. Handling of heavy panels is substantially facilitated through material conveying with air cushion systems. 


If so, we will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our manual panel saws of the fk series. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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