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Batch production with machines and workcells from IMA Schelling ensures maximum productivity and excellent quality. From panel cutting through edge banding to drilling and dowelling, IMA Schelling supplies all machines you need for cost-effective highly productive mass production, including the required handling systems and plant control. In this process, a great number of detailed solutions make our products unique. What you can expect from us is dependability and above-average plant availability – find out for yourself.

Panel cutting

Efficient panel cutting processes form the basis for a batch production that achieves maximum productivity. In this context, not only the coordination between upstream and downstream processes plays an important role. Also the optimization of individual process steps as well as the preparation of downstream process steps are essential. 

Besides using conventional rip saws and cross-cut saws for the panel cutting task in a batch production environment, manufacturers can also utilize end cut saws. In this process, the production capacity of a wood processing plant can be increased enormously through multiple infeeds into the cross-cut saw because this allows up to three package strips to be cut to length at one setting although they are of different cross-sectional areas.

Feeding, sorting, stacking

Modern high-volume batch production lines define themselves through high throughfeed rates with optimized setup operations. In these lines, our feeders and stackers are the interfaces to the customer-specific production environment that are crucial to productivity. Hence, it is primarily the choice of an optimal workcell concept designed to meet the specific manufacturing needs of a customer that determines the production capacity of a production line. In this process, stack layouts, batch volumes, types of load carriers, etc., need to be considered. These are the assumptions and conditions to be fulfilled for achieving optimal productivity of the processing machines and hence maximum cost-effectiveness.

However, the workcell concepts not only have to meet the demands of high production capacity and throughfeed rate. Our feeder solutions are also optimally tailored to the material to be handled so that a wide range of panels can be fed to the processing machines in a surface-protecting process. Moreover, sophisticated sorting algorithms allow for maximum freedom of choice for stacking.

Edge processing

Due to their ultra-heavy design in conjunction with wear resistant precision units, our extremely powerful double-side edge processing machines of the Combima type meet the greatest demands placed on the capacity and quality of machines. They are suitable for complex panel sizing, edge processing and grooving tasks. Basic equipment includes a fully automatic program-controlled width adjustment and a master & slave feed drive. This drive principle ensures perfect parallelism and hence process security and quality while simultaneously maximizing availability and minimizing wear.

Drilling and dowelling

By continuously extending the possibilities of the IMAGIC flex drilling technology, IMA systematically pursues the objective of supplying “everything from one source” – i.e. throughfeed edge banding, drilling as well as conveying and handling. These compact and space saving machines are essential elements in the industrial production of living, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and office furniture as well as in the ready-to-assemble furniture and component supply industries for both large batch production and small to medium-sized custom production.

They are designed to perform flexible horizontal and vertical drilling operations in the bottom and top faces of rectangular workpieces. High flexibility due to separately controllable spindles and minimized setup times of the workcell allow cost-effective drilling of complex hole patterns.  In addition to this, a drilling-dowelling combination machine enables dowel insertion in the workpiece ends.

Material flow planning

The benefit and actual value of a manufacturing plant depend very much on the material flow planning and handling technology. In particular, production lines with high throughfeed rates need logistics concepts specifically designed for the task in order to reach their maximum productivity.

In this process, the boundary conditions of the existing or new production environment are important criteria for designing the plant. Data that includes crucial information is, for example, related to stack layouts, batch volumes, workpieces, etc. Hence, we not only consider the interface to the new processing machines but also the interface to your existing production environment when designing the conveying and handling system for a production line.

Intelligent handling technology

As an innovative technology specialist for material handling, conveying and storage systems, IMA Schelling has a wealth of knowledge gained over many years and offers unequalled competence for intelligent system solutions. At the centre of our high-speed solutions are always your individual requirements. The basis for finding the solution to any challenge – however complex or difficult it may be – is the optimal combination of high-quality mechanical engineering and intelligent process control. In this context, besides pursuing the objective of ensuring cost-effective and reliable operation of the plant, we give top priority to part quality and process security.

Functional conveyors

Employed to turn, turn over, accumulate & meter or take workpieces out of the work flow, etc., functional conveyors are intermediate conveyors and hence substantial parts of fully integrated lines. The benefit and value of a production line depend very much on these conveying and handling systems.

Control system

Complex processing installations and production lines need complex control systems with easy intuitive operation. Our manufacturing plants perfectly master this balancing act. The sophisticated software presents an excellent and transparent process overview including the plant and machine conditions to the operator, using easy-to-read touch screens. It allows for optimal process security and hence maximum productivity – both in the field of panel cutting cells and edge processing lines.

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