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Professional fabrication of worktops

Throughfeed worktop production

Kitchen worktops or office worktops accomplish multiple tasks: They cover individually placed furniture, fill open spaces, hold different accessories and devices and provide a working surface of sufficient size. In order to do so they are designed individually for each application. At the same time, they have to be wear-resistant and durable. Processing machines for worktops must meet these complex demands for individuality and quality.

Market leader

In all performance classes

In the field of worktop production, IMA Schelling is the market leader in all performance classes – from batch-size-1 production to the machining of the top face or bottom face or the processing of all sides of the worktop. Our individual concepts, designed to meet the requirements of each manufacturer, and precise & powerful machines ensure efficient production.


The IMA Schelling concept

High-performance worktop production comprises an intelligent mix of highly efficient panel cutting centres and other downstream processing machines (stationary and throughfeed systems) combined with a bespoke manufacturing execution system. The efficient interlinking of the processing machines through automated storage systems, feeders, stackers, buffering and conveying systems requires a conceptual approach – the IMA Schelling concept. Based on decades of experience in the handling field, our technology allows for maximum process security. The systems can be adapted in a flexible manner to all manufacturing conditions. New workcell elements can also be integrated in existing work cells.

Production quantities

Quantities like those in batch production

With our high-volume saws of the ch type, gantry processing centres of the BIMA series, the edge processing machines of the Combima type combined with a complex logistics system, kitchen manufacturers or worktop suppliers are able to achieve production rates with batch-size-1 fabrication which are normally only realistic when the worktops are produced in large quantities using batch production.

Material flow


A manufacturing execution system (MES) monitors and optimizes the material flow. The entire process is controlled and visualized by the MES. All panels have a bar code sticker which is automatically read to identify each of them. The MES transfers the information required for each processing operation to the individual machine control and plant control systems. Moreover it generates the applicable data for each processing task, for example the number of passes within a circular edge processing cell or the position of cutouts for undermounted sinks. In this process, workpiece buffering systems are used to compensate for different processing times. 

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