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More than a panel cutting saw

BIMA CUT – panel cutting and processing

Custom production of fronts or other furniture components

Small businesses, interior design and shop fitting are ideal areas of application for the BIMA CUT. It combines a processing centre and panel saw in a compact single-operator manufacturing workcell for order-based production of fronts and furniture components. Your advantage: higher productivity in the production of furniture components and construction elements. 

Setup times can be neglected; even a single component is effectively cut out of a standard board and supplied with all holes drilled and, if required, with grooves and edging tape applied. Hence, the BIMA CUT also finds applications in industrial production – for example in the production of cabinets with special dimensions, roof slopes, furniture with curves, oriels or inclined surfaces as well as decorative panels and filler parts, etc. 


Multi-functionality makes the difference

Unlike pure nesting machines or panel saws, the BIMA CUT is not just a machine for manufacturing carcase components or cutting panels. It allows the entire panel cutting together with the required drilling and milling operations to be performed on one machine. 

The panel to be processed is clamped on vacuum blocks and hence eliminates the need for sacrifice material. That means no sacrifice material (protection board) needs to be manufactured, and the machine can make better use of its time and process the workpieces. Moreover, five sides of a workpiece are freely accessible.  Even the outer area of the bottom face can be machined by undercutter adapter units; and also an edge banding unit can be integrated into the machine.  When the parts leave the work cell, they are ready to assemble and do not need to be separated manually from offcuts. If the BIMA CUT is interlinked with an edge processing machine, the operator can feed parts to the edge bander and also supply panels to the BIMA CUT.

  • An optional edge banding unit can be integrated
  • Neglectable setup times 
  • No sacrifice material 
  • No manual offcut removal
  • The work cell can be integrated into a larger manufacturing system
  • Suitable for industrial production
Outfeed of components
Manual workplace
Drilling operations
Horizontal drill head
Dynapoint table
BIMA CUT with edge banding
Air cushion table for raw panel
Possible tool configuration
Principle of operation
Example of a work cell
Strip production


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