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IMAGIC hybrid

High-volume drilling machine

IMAGIC hybrid – drilling technology for large batch production

Precision and productivity

IMAGIC hybrid – for more product variance

The 'IMAGIC hybrid' high-volume drilling machine is used in large batch production, with a production capacity of more than 30 parts per minute. It combines two technologies on one machine: exchangeable drill heads and separately selectable drill spindles. The drill heads are designed specifically to meet the requirements of your production. By the way: Even when exchangeable drill heads are used, the IMAGIC hybrid still enables cyclic drilling.

Just like the machines of the 'IMAGIC flex' series, the 'IMAGIC hybrid' drilling centre utilizes servo axis technology for high precision and repeatability. A setup station outside the machine allows the operator to quickly up set the machine while production is running. And an optional extraction system on drill gearboxes for pivot hinges minimizes cleaning times.

The main features of the IMAGIC hybrid

  • All axes are driven automatically by servomotors 
  • Drill heads can be changed outside the machine while production is running
  • The drilling system minimizes setup times
  • More than 30 parts per minute
  • Excellent precision and repetition accuracy
  • Cyclic drilling with exchangeable drill heads
  • Optional horizontal drilling station that requires no setup 
  • Optional gluing & doweling station that requires no setup

Technical data

  • Length: min. 220 mm, max. 3300 mm
  • Width: min. 120 mm, max. 1000 mm
  • Thickness: min. 13 mm, max. 40 mm (optional 60 mm)
High-performance drilling for fronts
Machine equipped with exchangeable drill heads
Hinge drill head with dust extraction


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