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Drilling in throughfeed

IMAGIC L1 – highly flexible batch-size-1 drilling machine

in Cooperation with Zimmer Group

With the IMAGIC L1 throughfeed drilling machine, together with our technology partner Zimmer Group we developed an innovative drilling concept for true highly flexible batch-size-1 production that requires no setup at all. The machine is based on a modular system and is designed to meet the specific demands placed on the efficient production of a large number of variants. 

Numerous unique features

The new batch-size-1 drilling machine features various innovations that are currently unique on the market. In fact, multiple configuration possibilities on both sides of the fixed portals enable an optimal arrangement of the machining operations. Whether pure drilling or any combination of routing, drilling, dowel insertion and hardware mounting, the machine design will vary according to customer specifications. Up to three portals can be installed on one machine. The integration of an optional router spindle with a stationary tool changer magazine is possible. Appropriate parking and maintenance positions of the units enable easy drill bit changes and accessibility for maintenance purposes.

The conveyor system – a highlight

The new patented Zimmer transport system with circulating clamping grippers moves the panels in a permanent, fixed clamp through the entire workcell - even with multiple machining supports. This results in several advantages at the same time: due to the clamping, the panel gaps and thus the chip-to-chip times could be reduced to a minimum. Combined with the high dynamics of the entire system, this leads to both increased availability and thus output. The advantages of the innovative transport system also become apparent in the event of a malfunction: instead of shutting down the entire machine, only the defective clamping gripper has to be removed and replaced, while the workcell can continue to produce at a slightly reduced output.

Flexible workcell configuration

Due to its modular design, the IMAGIC L1 drilling workcell can be configured either as a manually operated or automated drilling cell. Integration into complex production lines is also possible without any problems. When designed as a manual drilling cell, one single operator can operate the machine from the front thanks to the space-saving return system. Automation can easily be realised via handling gantries or robots. The full variability of the drilling system becomes apparent when it is integrated into production lines. Adaptation to changing environmental conditions is also possible without any problems.

3D animation of IMAGIC L1

The main features of the IMAGIC L1

  • Setup-free 6-sided drilling
  • Drilling from above, below and horizontally
  • Either pure drilling machining or any combination of milling, drilling, dowelling and fitting setting
  • Installation of up to three machining supports on one machine
  • Integration of a milling spindle with a stationary tool changer optionally possible
  • Appropriate parking and maintenance positions of the units enable easy drill bit changes and accessibility for maintenance purposes
  • Innovative, patented clamping and transport system
  • Latest software generation completely from IMA Schelling

Technical data

  • Length: min. 240 mm / max. 2800 mm (optional 3300 mm)
  • Width: min. 100 mm / max. 1300 mm (optional 1600 mm)
  • Thickness: min. 8 mm / max. 40 mm
Component recording and measurement
work purely electrically
Processing module
Combination with robots
New, patented transport system


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