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Cost-effective panel cutting for batch-size-1 production

Performance.cut – compact and efficient

Cost-efficient panel cutting even at quantities as small as one

A major challenge for many companies is batch-size-one manufacturing with its great variety of materials as well as ever-increasing demands placed on the product as far as quality and appearance are concerned. 

With the Performance.cut, we successfully face the challenge: the unit technology of our panel cutting centre ensures premium-quality processing of panel-shaped material suitable for vacuum pick up. In this process, powerful nesting and cutting optimization software allows for best possible utilization of raw panels. This reduces offcuts and hence saves resources and cuts production costs.

The Performance.cut is equipped with router units. That means it can not only cut panels into cut-to-size parts but also perform additional tasks such as grooving, drilling and rebating as well as diagonal cutting. Thanks to flexible tool configuration possibilities, it can also be used for complete processing of back panels or wallboard production. By the way: in addition to chipboard and MDF panels, the Performance.cut can also process various other materials such as gypsum plasterboard, PVC, or the like, without any problem.

Highly flexible single-panel cutting
Additional operations: rebating, grooving, drilling
Cut-aways for back panels
Workpiece infeed system
Head assembly with tool changer magazine with 8 stock positions
Automatic waste disposal flap
Outfeed system
Link to a robot cell

Dimensional requirements for the panel or workpiece

  • Workpiece thickness: 3 mm - 40 mm
  • Raw panel dimension: min. 500 mm x 1000 mm; max. 2200 x 3300 mm, 2200 x 4300 mm, 5600 x 2200 mm
  • Workpiece dimensions: min. 100 mm x 120 mm, max. raw size
  • Remnant dimensions: 500 mm x 1000 mm (smaller values are possible)

The possibilities of the Performance.cut

  • Highly flexible single-panel cutting 
  • Additional operations: rebating, grooving, drilling, cut-aways, chamfering
  • Cut-aways for back panels 
  • Each head assembly with tool changer magazine with 8 stock positions 
  • Flexible integration possibilities in the raw panel infeed zone and the finished parts zone depending on workcell requirements

Nesting advantages + fast sawing technology = cost-efficient panel cutting

The Performance.cut is extremely compact and offers amazingly high production rates of up to 1500 workpieces per shift (depending on the cutting plan). It combines the advantages of nesting and the speed of sawing. Hence, it is the ideal solution for cost-efficient panel cutting even with very small batches and – moreover – minimum floor space requirements, without restrictions on production capacity and at very attractive acquisition costs.


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