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Combima – combined panel sizing and edge processing

Highly professional industrial edge processing

Combima – edge processing at the highest level

Fast, flexible, perfect results

No matter if the complex individuality of batch-size-one manufacturing or powerful feed in batch production is required – our automated panel sizing and edge processing combination machine is the right solution to the situation. The highly flexible machines of this series always ensure highly professional industrial panel sizing, edge banding, finish machining and fine finishing.

As a single-side machine, the Combima takes flexibility in batch-size-1 edge banding for furniture construction to a superior level. Used as a double-side edge bander, it embodies extremely short processing times, high throughfeed rates and particular flexibility in edge processing for batch production.

Depending on equipment, the machines of the Combima series can process edging tapes up to 3 mm thick or both edging tapes up to 3 mm and lippings up to 30 mm. High-gloss edgings on acrylic parts and veneer surfaces will not pose a challenge either.

Edge banding with laser technique

Modern edge banding and precise edge processing for superior results – that's what the Combima series stands for. Besides utilizing conventional edge banding technology with glue, these machines can also use the optional Laser Edging process with a diode laser system for a perfectly seamless bond between edging and panel. This is ideal for kitchen & furniture manufacturing as well as for worktop production and door construction, because the seamless edge stands for perfect visual appearance, high-value products and increased strength of the adhesive joint.

Finish machining and fine finishing, the last steps in the manufacturing process

In the finish machining and fine finishing zone, the edge is given the final touch for an all-around perfect edge banding result. In order to achieve this goal, the required units are designed to suit exactly the needs of the customer. This makes the Combima an individual and unique machine for fully automatic edge processing that meets all the requirements of modern furniture production.

The units of the Combima


Let your imagination run free and challenge us. Choose from our large assortment of units in the fields of panel sizing, edge banding, finish machining, fine finishing and grooving.

Panel sizing: double jointing
Panel sizing: scoring and hogging
Panel sizing: protection milling, double hogging, double jointing
Edge banding: double storey reel receptacle
Edge banding: VTG, 12 tape tracks, glue & laser
Edge banding: VTG, 48 tape tracks, glue & laser
Finish machining: linear end trimming
Finish machining: veneer pre-milling, KFA 30 & multi-profile milling
Finish machining: multi-profile milling
Finish machining: pre-milling & multi-profile milling
Finish machining: pre-milling
Finish machining: KFA 50
Fine finishing: multi-profile scraping, flat scraping, buffing
Flexible grooving in the top face, bottom face, side face (rotatable unit)
Grooving in the top face, bottom face
Basic machine: top pressure track split into sections


If so, we will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our edge processing systems of the Combima series. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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