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Automatic panel sizing machines for longitudinal processing and transverse processing

Whether you are manufacturing furniture or windows, doors, fronts, building elements and filling material – our double-end tenoners can size your components with maximum accuracy. They can be configured individually and can be used as single machines or within interlinked manufacturing systems. In this context, the double-side machines of the FBA/II type are recommended for batch production, whereas the single-side double-end tenoners of the FBA/I type are specifically suited for integration into a flexible manufacturing system.

Our performance classes of the FBA series

Discover our performance classes of the FBA series


Single-side double-end tenoner

Our single-side double-end tenoner is the optimal solution for sizing and profiling workpieces independently of their lengths and widths.


Double-side double-end tenoner

We offer the double-side design of our FBA/II double-end tenoner as a pure longitudinal or transverse processing machine and also as a longitudinal and transverse processing combination machine. Applications range from pure double-side sizing of raw panels through additional profiling tasks, to complex machining processes such as the preparation of MDF fronts for subsequent paint finishing. In all of these processes, the focus is on efficiency usually employing large batch sizes.


Centre splitting machine for interlinked manufacturing systems

Our double-end tenoners for centre splitting are designed to be used within interlinked manufacturing systems that also serve the high-end segment. In this process, the double-end tenoners of the FBA/M type can also perform grooving operations along the edge of the split panel.


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