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aimi software system - Homogenous software on all machines


The IMA Schelling Group is introducing the first production lines with homogenous software developed in-house: aimi will enable visualisation and control of the machines and entire plant.

The aimi vision: the homogenous software from IMA Schelling will map and control the entire production line.

When aimi is fully rolled out, the information on the entire plant will be available on every machine.

aimi.DO – aimi.TALK – aimi.THINK: these are the three basic function modules in the new, homogenous software developed in-house by IMA Schelling.

  • aimi.DO is the software directly on the machine, which takes care of the actual machine control.
  • aimi.TALK is responsible for communication between the machines and with the customer. Modern technologies such as publish-subscribe services and web services for data exchange are used here.
  • aimi.THINK comprises all preparatory and planning services such as order planning, optimisation methods and FLS functionalities for overall transparency of processes related to the machines.

This is the vision behind aimi. With implementation projects already underway, IMA Schelling is reaching an important milestone on the way to achieving this. In close cooperation with its customers, the plant specialist is driving forward further development steps.

Continuous further development of the modules

The aimi.DO module will be gradually rolled out for all machine types and will soon be available for saws, edge processing and drilling machines, and storage systems. At present, the IPC.NET control system is still being used to network the machines. "Both software systems complement each other very well. However, we are working hard on the universal use of aimi," explains Stefan Rische, Head of Software Development and Systems Control at IMA Schelling.

The new aimi.TALK communication module is being used in initial pilot projects. "The challenge here is the communication concept within a plant and the security functionalities," explains software expert Rische. Depending on customer requirements, IMA Schelling will offer different communication technologies in this respect, including a special interface directly to SAP.

aimi.THINK contains important planning and optimisation functions, including the primary production control module (FLS). This visualises the production process with all preparatory and production-related work steps. It enables complete traceability of each individual order and allows for intervention in each individual production order right down to the single component level.

Information accessible from anywhere

When aimi is rolled out extensively and in full, this information and the intervention options will be accessible from anywhere - from a central computer in the office as well as on any individual machine in the plant.