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We set very high standards of performance in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. This applies both to the way we manufacture products and to the sustainable production methods your company can benefit from using our machines. Social aspects also play an important role for us – whether they concern our employees or the people in their environment. For us, the concept of sustainability is the right of future generations to flourish in the same free and uninhibited manner as we can today. This works only when everybody respects the vital needs of humans and their environment. The following examples describe what we do to protect our common resources and environment.

Reforestation projects of PLANT-MY-TREE®

Reforestation projects of PLANT-MY-TREE® 

For the beginning of the 2022 training year, we made our contribution to climate protection by planting more than 50 trees within a reforestation programme of PLANT-MY-TREE®. Doing so, we not only actively contribute to environmental and climate protection but also emphasize our future-oriented thinking because “we develop people for the future of work”.

By the way: Not only companies can participate in the reforestation project of PLANT-MY-TREE®. Also private persons have the possibility to do so. True to the motto: “Every tree counts.”

More detailed information can be found on the website of PLANT-MY-TREE®.

Read more about PLANT-MY-TREE® 

Busy bees | Three bee colonies in Lübbecke and Schwarzach

Busy bees 

In the year of 2020, a total of three bee colonies found a new home in Lübbecke and Schwarzach. In this way, we want to slow down the mass death of bees and contribute as a company to the protection of the environment and ecosystems also in this field. The bees on or around the premises of two companies are busy pollinating flowers, trees and useful plants. Our harvested honey is given out as gifts to our customers. For the management of the honey bee colonies, we are cooperating with BEE-RENT. The organisation has committed itself to the conservation of bees and rents out bee colonies to private persons, associations and companies. In this process, BEE-RENT is responsible for giving care to the bees with the aim of ensuring optimal maintenance of the bee colonies as well as health and welfare of the bees.

More detailed information can be found on the website of BEE-RENT.

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Reducing the consumption of plastics: water dispenser, tap water and thermo cups for coffee

Reducing the consumption of plastics: water dispenser, tap water and thermo cups for coffee 

We are minimizing our consumption of single use cups and plastic bottles. On the company premises in Lübbecke, there are many water supply points where our employees can fill re-usable bottles with water. In Schwarzach, we simply use our tap water. Moreover, our employees in Lübbecke were given personalized thermo cups for coffee which they can fill from one of the coffee dispensers in the company. In Schwarzach, these coffee dispensers make IMA Schelling coffee cups available. This system allows us to save around 80,000 single-use cups a year.

Paper recycling – IMA Schelling makes use of waste

Paper recycling – IMA Schelling makes use of waste

Large quantities of waste paper and cardboard are produced in everyday work. At the same time, the despatch department purchases paper to be used as upholstery material for various packagings. So why not use waste as upholstery material for packagings? In Lübbecke, we have converted waste paper into CO²-neutral cushions using the KAROPACK system since 2020. The entire logistics process behind the concept is performed by the Lübbecker Werkstätten. They also produce the cushions.

Read more about KAROPACK

Partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative

Partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative

The IMA Schelling Group is a partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative, a programme of the German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers Association (VDMA) that supports sustainability in machine and plant manufacturing and also publishes sustainable solutions of this industry. Through our partnership, we have committed ourselves to the 12 sustainability principles of the machine and plant manufacturing industry.
More detailed information can be found on the website of the VDMA.

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We are a member of the turn to zero community

Member of the turn to zero community

As a member of the turn to zero community since 2015, we are pursuing the common goal of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to the technically possible minimum by 2040. To this end, we have carried out extensive refurbishment work on our buildings and installed a photovoltaic system. This enables us to generate clean regional electricity and play an active role in creating an energy future worth living in. In this way, for example, we were able to generate around one million kWh of energy in the period from commissioning in October 2015 to October 2020. We have also supported a climate protection project in Kakamega, Kenya.

More about the climate protection project

Energy-saving and resource-efficient production

Energy-saving and resource-efficient production 

For any investment in new technology in our own production, we make sure that the new machines meet the state of the art, hence saving energy and wasting fewer resources. For example, our current machines and workcells are equipped with oil mist extraction systems and energy-efficient drives. Furthermore, every machine is installed in a trough that collects coolant emulsions which may leak out. Residues can be removed from the trough without any problem and without polluting the environment. Moreover we have managed to minimize the required amount of cooling lubricants by carrying out optimal routine maintenance on the machines.

FahrradleBicycle leasing at IMA Schelling with the company Eurorad

Bicycle leasing 

Since 2017, our employees can lease a bicycle, pedelec or e-bike via our company on the company premises in Lübbecke. In this process, we cooperate with the company Eurorad. This offer is intended to enhance the health of our employees and simultaneously make a contribution to climate protection.

Read more about Eurorad

Corporate child care | “HOLZWÜRMCHEN” day care

Corporate child care | “HOLZWÜRMCHEN” day care 

With the “HOLZWÜRMCHEN” day care, we set standards for balancing work and family life. A former school building, only two minutes from the main factory in Lübbecke, offers the children many opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement. In separate rooms for building, painting, crafting, disguising and cuddling up, the individual potentials in children are evoked.

Are you interested in a day care place or have any questions? If so, please get directly in touch with the day care center “Kita|Concept”, our partner for the day care.

Get in touch with Kita|Concept

Awarded | Numerous awards are proof of our social commitment

Awarded | Numerous awards are proof of our social commitment

  • salvus – the Vorarlberg gold seal of quality for companies who actively care for the health of their employees:
  • Certified family-friendly company – the initiative addresses companies who offer their employees measures for balancing work and family life in a better way.
  • National apprenticeship awards – the initiative addresses companies who are offering apprenticeships and give proof of superior quality in the education of their apprentices.

Energy and resource-efficient processing plant technology

Energy and resource-efficient processing plant technology

Sustainable production saves energy, reduces material consumption through optimized material utilization, cuts cycle times and increases output in the manufacturing plants. That means, by using energy and resource efficient units, you get measurable economic benefits.

In our energy efficient manufacturing plants, state-of-the-art automation, control and drive technology allows the equipment to be energized depending on the individual demand. Units that are not needed are de-energized. This is more than just an economic advantage for you. Also your employees will benefit from this – through an improved work environment with a lower noise level and less exposure to physical load.

In order to increase the energy efficiency of our workcells, we use – amongst other things – the following options: 

  • Increase in output through gap control
  • Optimized extraction
  • Intelligent production sequences
  • Quality check with integrated process calibration 
  • Energy-efficient servo drive technology
  • Optimized material utilization
  • Process-dependent control
  • Reduced compressed air consumption

If you are interested, we would be glad to explain the above examples in more detail. Just get in touch.

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