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Sawing, sorting, stacking

In the IMA Schelling “Precision” business unit, we concentrate our experience and expertise gained over many years in the field of panel cutting and handling solutions for panel-shaped metal materials, printed circuit boards, plastics and building materials as well as special composite materials. They also include printed circuit boards. Cutting these materials is a very sophisticated process, and the demands placed by the individual materials on the cutting technology are very different. We did however manage to find a common denominator for their machining: panel cutting saws and precision saws based on circular saw technology.
Moreover, on the basis of our specialized panel cutting and precision saws, we offer complete workcell solutions including the required periphery – for example our area storage system as well as sorters and stackers.

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About “Precision”

Team and history

The “Precision“ business unit consists of a powerful team that has developed solutions for metal and plastics processing for decades.


Are you looking for innovative solutions for metal and plastics processing?

We develop and manufacture individualized solutions depending on the requirements for cutting, conveying and handling as well as packaging of panel-shaped metal materials, plastics and building materials as well as special composite materials and printed circuit boards.

Processing installations & applications

Examples of successfully implemented panel cutting solutions

We develop and manufacture fully or partially automated sawing cells, where each little detail is designed to meet the specific customer requirements. This is one of our key strengths.
When we design the workcells, we use proven modules and components from the IMA Schelling product family. Each workcell is designed and implemented in close cooperation with the customer, and – depending on the task to be performed – with technology partners for the periphery as well as upstream and downstream workcell elements in the production chain.


Great demands on performance, precision, reliability and service

Our customers mainly come from the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as from the aircraft construction industry in Germany, the USA, Italy, France, Switzerland and Great Britain. These industries use IMA Schelling "Precision” machines to produce cut-to-size parts requiring accuracies within +/- 0.05 mm. This means that the demands placed on the accuracy of these non-wood cut-to-size parts and hence also on the panel cutting solutions are significantly greater than those placed on wood, which is a relatively cheap material where speed is important. As a result of these requirements, our business unit with its machines and workcells has evolved to become the technology leader in the relevant industries and is now providing solutions which are unequalled in terms of serviceable life, quality and precision.

Used machines

A used IMA Schelling is also an IMA Schelling

Our IMA Schelling Certified pre-owned machines are extensively functionally tested and factory reconditioned machines from our complete product range. Second-hand, but still the first choice in many cases: Short-term availability, attractive investment volume, individual modernisation and adaptation to your requirements and all this with the usual IMA Schelling quality. The solid construction of every IMA Schelling machine is designed for reliability and precision over many years. The age of our machines therefore plays only a subordinate role. We will be happy to make you a customised offer for the repurchase of your IMA Schelling machines.


Greater centralized control over production

The operation of high-end manufacturing systems for digitized, fully automated and networked processing of wood, metal or plastics places complex demands on the logistics of the manufacturing organisation. In order for our workcell solutions to ensure efficient and flexible production, the highly competent specialists of our software department develop and program individualized software solutions for you.

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