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Consulting business area - Comprehensive advice for the woodworking, plastics and metalworking industries

14. Aug 2023

IMA Schelling Consulting supports its customers with expert advice on the development and implementation of value-adding strategies. The consulting team shows companies the challenges that may arise and develops solutions for efficient and sustainable production.

The experts at IMA Schelling Consulting provide their customers with advice based on long-standing experience and extensive industry knowledge. Image: IMA Schelling Group

For the best possible customer performance

The consulting team at IMA Schelling Consulting helps companies in the woodworking, plastics and metalworking industries to answer these questions. "We are a team of experts consisting of industry specialists and engineers with long-standing experience in technical business support," explains Andreas Dahlmeier, Head of Consulting. "The consulting team creates solutions and concepts to ensure the best possible company performance for our new and existing customers."

The team not only provides support for plant planning, but also for many other issues. To this end, IMA Schelling Consulting offers four performance modules:

  • Strategy
    For optimising organisation, process, program and project management
  • Business Development
    For corporate development and adapting to the developments on the market
  • Performance Management
    For increasing competitiveness and cost-efficiency
  • Digital & IoT
    For digitalising all company and production processes

Bespoke solutions

The customer's individual pain points are the focus here. "We work according to a defined workflow which always begins with a joint kick-off workshop," explains Dahlmeier. "In doing so, we familiarise ourselves with our customer's personal requirements and can develop bespoke solutions based on our experience and industry knowledge." A joint project group is also established together with the customer, which provides an early insight into all approaches and solutions. "This prevents us from going in the wrong direction right from the outset," says Andreas Dahlmeier.

In any case, the market newcomer from the kitchen industry received reliable assistance, and the IMA Schelling team has also provided many other customers with expert advice.