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IMA Schelling: Services for an optimised machine life cycle


Saving energy and conserving resources: Today, the topic of sustainability not only permeates all of a company's processes, but also extends to the entire life cycle of machines and systems. At IMA Schelling, too, this claim has long been part of corporate practice. Among other things, the plant manufacturer relies on a sophisticated modernisation offering and discontinuation management.

For a long machine life: Department Manager Service Consulting Thomas Inmann and his team offer their customers a sophisticated modernisation concept for their system as well as reliable discontinuation management. Image source: IMA Schelling Group

The IMA Schelling Group provides its customers with comprehensive maintenance and service offers to extend the life cycle of their machines and systems. Image source: IMA Schelling Group

"Nothing is more sustainable than using a machine for a long time," says Thomas Inmann, Department Manager of Service Consulting at IMA Schelling. "This is all the more true if its efficiency is constantly updated over the years." The IMA Schelling Group therefore offers its customers various options to extend the life cycle of their machines and systems. These are already produced to such a high standard that they have a long service life anyway. Customers also benefit from the global service available at short notice as well as comprehensive service packages that guarantee fast repairs and prevent cost-intensive production downtimes.

Modernising for a long machine life

To extend the service life of the machines even further, the specialists for customised systems and processing solutions for the wood, metal and plastics industries offer two additional services. On the one hand, modernising the control and drive technology, retrofitting processing components or updating software can extend the efficient service life of machines and systems by years - at comparatively low cost.

With its discontinuation management, IMA Schelling guarantees its customers the long-term availability of spare parts. If a supplier cancels a spare part, IMA Schellings Service Consulting takes action. The customers in whose systems the parts in question are installed are proactively contacted. "We not only inform them about the imminent end of a spare part, but have also developed an alternative solution that often works even more efficiently," explains Inmann. This not only extends the life of the machines. It also makes maintenance and repairs easier to plan, which in turn increases machine availability.

IMA Schelling always uses the latest and therefore most energy-efficient technology, both when replacing components as part of a modernisation and when replacing spare parts that are no longer available. In addition to the longevity of a system, this also increases its efficiency - in the interests of the environment and in line with sustainability.