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Premiere at IMA Schelling Precision - Maximum efficiency in handling thin laminates


IMA Schelling Precision has completely redesigned the area storage system for a US customer. Thin laminates can be stored in cassettes and transported in stacks. Handling in stacks saves valuable storage space and speeds up material transport.

The IMA Schelling area storage system vs 12 now also accommodates transport cassettes with thin laminate stacks.

Schelling has adapted the suction crossbeam of the conveyor system to transport special cassettes.

The customer manufactures thermoplastics and thermosheets and moves thin laminates, among other things, in his vs 12 type area storage system. The fk 6 Precision beam saw is fed from the storage system. In conventional area storage systems, each thin laminate is moved individually. In the new system, realised by IMA Schelling for the first time, thin sheets from 0.5 to 2 mm thickness can be stacked in transport cassettes and moved much more efficiently in the warehouse.

Efficient transport, space-saving storage
The transport cassettes are custom-made products that the customer developed in cooperation with IMA Schelling Precision. To transport them, the suction crossbeam was modified. It now transports the cassettes as well as individual sheets by vacuum load pick-up. The thin laminates can be stacked up to a height of 50 mm in the Cassettes. The loaded cassettes, in turn, can be stacked up to 2,000 mm high. With the cassette stacks, space in the area warehouse is used effectively.

Loading the saw in a highly flexible way
The parameters of each individual sheet are stored in the logistics system. The saw can be fed directly, flexibly and fully automatically from the storage. Likewise, customer orders for full size sheets can be outsourced easily and in a time-saving manner, regardless of whether they are single-grade or so-called " rainbow stacks" of different full size sheets. Together with IMA Schelling Precision, the customer is currently working on introducing the innovative area storage concept at another company location.