Stay informed about the IMA Schelling Group. sawing robot - automation solution for cutting to size – can also be retrofitted as part of modernisation works


The new robot solution from IMA Schelling enables full automation of the fh4 and fh5 saws, significantly increasing productivity.

IMA Schelling's enables automated handling of strips and finished parts on the fh4 and fh5. Image: IMA Schelling Group

The fh5 cut-to-size saw is designed for demanding carpentry work and entry into industrial production, as it can process up to 800 parts per shift. It combines precision with perfect cutting guidance and optimised workflows, guaranteeing high productivity. A saw motor with an output of 21 kW even allows for effortless machining of unusual wood board types. The HPO cutting pattern optimisation software and XBoB remnants management system ensure that not one millimetre of material is used unnecessarily. This conserves resources and saves on material costs.

IMA Schelling is now launching the automation solution onto the market for the fh5 and its little sister, the fh4. "Production can take place unstaffed over long distances," explains Jan Frederik Bode, Product Manager Robotics. He adds: "Employees can therefore focus on more value-adding activities."

Hybrid operation between automatic and manual

The robot picks up the cut strips and finished parts, turns them for further processing and removes them again. The finished parts can be transported further along a straight or angled chain or stacked on pallets on the ground. No additional equipment is needed, ensuring that the room and the saw remains threshold-free. Raw boards with dimensions of up to 3200 x 2100 mm can be processed with this solution. A waste disposal unit is also optionally available, automated via a waste flap, vibration conveyor or chipper.

Also suitable for retrofitting

"We have equipped the automation solution with a range of extremely practical features," emphasises Bode. allows for hybrid operation, which means that switching from automated to manual machining is possible at any time, for example if special material needs to be machined.

What's more, the solution can even be retrofitted as part of modernisation works. "This is an option that no other provider on the market offers," explains Jan Frederik Bode. "It means that customers can automate their production process in stages and do not have to commit to a large investment all at once," he concludes.

At LIGNA, IMA Schelling presents the robot solution fh5 live in action. The boards for strip handling were provided by the Austrian wood-based materials manufacturer Egger as part of a long-standing partnership.