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Panel saws of the fh series

Precision cutting of wood-based materials

Panel cutting saws for wood-based materials

Ergonomic, safe, accurate and fast

Whether you are cutting a single panel or a package of panels, in batch-size 1 production or batch production, whether you are running a small business or industrial enterprise – with our flexible saws of the fh series, we offer the right panel cutting solution for each requirement.  All cutting centres of the fh series can be hand loaded, using a lift-table, or automatically fed, i.e. integrated into an area storage system – depending on the automation level you prefer.

Numerous features fitted as standard allow for precise panel cutting and ergonomic material handling. These include, amongst other things, a double strip aligner for absolute squareness, mobile air cushion tables for easer handling of heavy panels and packages, as well as workpiece outfeed clamps taking the part to the end of the worktable.

Moreover, a number of optional intelligent features enable the design of cutting solutions for any requirement. Through combination with adapted, optimized sequences, high productivity is guaranteed.

In addition to that, the HPO panel optimization software tuned specifically for use with the saws ensures no material is wasted. This saves resources and cuts material costs.

fh 4

Versatile saw for getting started

Our fh 4 is a panel saw for skilled, creative joiners and for getting started with industrial fabrication. It combines accuracy and perfect cutting performance with automated, optimized process sequences to ensure maximum productivity. A sawing motor having a power rating of 18 kW enables all kinds of wood panels – even very rare types – to be machined without problem.

fh 5

The big saw at entry level

Like the fh 4, the fh 5 is a panel saw for skilled, creative joiners and for getting started with industrial fabrication. However, compared to its little sister, it features a more powerful drive system with a 21 kW motor and a more solid design to allow for substantially stronger cutting of packages.

fh 6

Giving the go ahead for batch production

With up to 27 kW power, the fh 6 panel saw offers highly productive solutions for batch production. Its solid heavy duty design ensures maximum precision. Total automation of the operating cycle allows for optimized sequences – from material supply to cut-to-size parts. In this process, the fh 6 saw cuts MDF, OSB, HDF and HPL panels just as easily as new wood-based materials.  Moreover, the fh 6 is extremely flexible – like all machines of the fh series: Whether single panels or panel packages are cut, whether grooves, windows, laminates or veneers are cut – everything is possible and can be solved to customers' specifications.

fh 8

Full power for utmost precision and high productivity

The fh 8 is an excellent choice for those playing in the “premier league” of batch production. The 32 kW unit provides the required power, the solid heavy duty design of the saw ensures vibration-free stability and high rigidity. Furthermore, numerous details allow for impressive precision and maximum productivity. 

Sweep-off carriage
Automatic labeling
Turning device
Duplus 2
End stop
Guideway system
Area storage system
Strip aligner

Other features of the fh series

  • Cutting of single panels or packages
  • Maximum precision
  • DUPLUS2 workpiece infeed
  • Turning device upstream of the saw
  • Future-oriented ergonomics and safety
  • Cutting of very narrow strips
  • Cutting of solid wood panels
  • Cutting of postformed and softformed panels
  • Grooving and rebating
  • Cutting of stopped grooves, stopped rebates, v-grooves
  • Making cutouts for windows
  • Cutting of laminate and veneer
  • MCS controller running a Windows operating system – intuitive and simple to use control system, including an integrated cutting plan generator
  • Large 22-inch display fitted as standard


​​​​​​Technical data

  • Cutting lengths: 3300, 4300, 5800 mm
  • Saw blade overhang: 105 - 165 mm
  • Sawing motor power: 18 - 32 kW



If so, we will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our panel cutting saws for wood-based materials of the fh series. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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