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Individualized software solutions

Greater centralized control over production

Individualized software solutions for your production equipment

The operation of high-end manufacturing systems for digitized, fully automated and networked processing of wood, metal or plastics places complex demands on the logistics of the manufacturing organisation. In order for our workcell solutions to ensure efficient and flexible production, the highly competent specialists of our software department develop and program individualized software solutions for you. All processes are controlled via one Windows-based platform. Even highly complex processing installations can be operated conveniently. In this process, flexibility is a precondition for long-term investment security and future security.

Whether IPC.NET, aimi, or …

Benefit from our software products for these fields:

  • Data preparation, planning and cutting optimization
  • Production planning, production control and production monitoring
  • Machine control system
  • Analysis and service


Simply more efficient

Lean schedules, tight budgets and high order volumes can only be dealt with by good management and a reliable production chain. With ZIMBA, our IIoT and service platform for analysis, performance evaluation and service, you will gain fundamental insights and get target-oriented recommendations for efficient operation of your processing chain.

The tight link between ZIMBA and our service allows failures and delays to be detected before they occur and action to be taken proactively. You will benefit from full transparency, better planning possibilities and in particular calculable risk. With ZIMBA, poor capacity utilization or unscheduled maintenance will belong to the past. 

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