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How much automation makes sense for my company?


More and more timber construction companies are faced with the question of how much automation makes economic sense for their company when making new or replacement investments. The decisions to be made are complex and the purpose and business requirements for automation should be carefully analysed and weighed up in advance.

Purpose of automation

Firstly, companies should define the purpose of automation. Is it to combat the shortage of skilled labour, reduce labour costs or increase productivity?

Business requirements

In addition, the business requirements for automation should be examined. These include, among other things:

  • The number of uniform and recurring work processes
  • Ensuring a permanently high system utilisation time
  • The homogeneous character of the components
  • Component-specific machine data
  • The integration of new systems into existing production structures
  • Highly innovative automation systems in timber construction are often only planned on a user-specific basis.

As the Business Unit Consulting of the IMA Schelling Group, we are happy to support you with our experience in the field of timber construction and automation.
Together with you, we will work out the requirements for an economically viable design of corresponding plant and factory concepts.

As the Business Unit Consulting of the IMA Schelling Group, we advise companies in the woodworking industry in the areas of "Strategy", "Business Development", "Performance Management" and "Digital & IoT".

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