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Apprenticeship/dual studies


Every year, about a dozen apprentices - girls and boys alike - start their careers at the constantly growing plant in Vorarlberg. Early application is worthwhile! Seven future-oriented technical apprenticeships with three to four years of apprenticeship time (warehouse logistics, plant operation technology, mechanical engineering, machining, construction) are learned here in a very companionable and modern environment. A well-equipped in-house training workshop forms the basis of the training. A separate training manager and a trainer for each apprenticeship ensure professional supervision. The "you" between apprentices and all employees up to the boss is the basis of the special working atmosphere.


Visit us at various apprenticeship and career fairs to talk to us in person.


IMA SCHELLING has been one of Austria's best companies that offer apprenticeships for many years. The apprenticeship focuses on practical training and co-working. Already in the second year, apprentices take part in projects and can contribute their own new ideas. Therefore, each apprentice is assigned a training officer who can guide you through any issues you have at work or at school. Due to the global activities of the company, even working abroad is possible from the third year onwards.
A career in a modern technical profession offers promising career opportunities for young apprentices. In fact, today's Head of IMA SCHELLING in England started his career as an apprentice at IMA SCHELLING. Anyone who wants to learn more can get to know IMA SCHELLING better at one of our 'get-acquainted' meetings. Moreover our apprenticeship manager, Markus Schwendinger, will be glad to answer questions from young people and their parents. Simply send an email or make a phone call!

Contact: Markus Schwendinger (Apprenticeship Manager) | +43 5572 396 220 | lehre(at)

Our region

A rich soil for strong innovative ideas

The main production site of IMA Schelling Austria is Schwarzach – situated in the unique environment of Vorarlberg. We spend our time working, researching and developing where other people spend their holidays. Despite our idyllic location between the Alps and Lake Constance at the heart of Europe, we are just a stone's throw away from Europe's industrial centres. Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are just a few minutes by car; Italy and France, a few hours.  The proximity to the border and hence frequent international exchange lay the foundation for the dynamic economy of the region and are a fertile ground for strong innovative ideas.

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