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Cutting system hl1

The solution for batch size 1 production

hl1 - specially designed for batch size 1 production

Realisation of a wide range of installation variants and performance classes

The hl 1 cut-to-size line is specially designed for batch size 1 production. Thanks to the modular design, a wide variety of set-up variants and performance classes can be realised depending on the customer's requirements. The hl1 - Systems with a longitudinal saw for strip production and a cross saw for the simultaneous cutting of 4 strips delivers an output of up to 20 parts/min. The hl1 - Concept, in which only the cross-cut saw is used, can produce both strips and components on just one saw line and achieves an output of up to 8 parts/min.

Features of the hl1 cutting system

  • different set-up variants (hl1 - Systems)
    • in line
    • L-arrangement
    • U-arrangement
    • in 2 levels
  • different handling variants
    • with gantries
    • with robotics
  • design with 3 or 4 lanes
  • space-saving vertical return of recut parts and strips (hl1 - Concept)
  • linkable tracks for changing between 3- and 4-track cross-cut saw (hl1- Concept)

The hl1 at a glance

hl1 - Systems
Installation variant: in 2 levels
hl1 - Concept


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