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Sorting systems

Buffering and sorting solutions for panel shaped wood-based materials

Optimizing the utilization of manufacturing cells

Sorting systems increase plant efficiency

Buffering and sorting solutions connect our outstanding single machines to form semi or fully integrated lines and are the interfaces to your production environment.

In order to ensure that production lines continue running smoothly, you need to compensate for variations in the production process hence avoiding both workpiece jams and unproductive times. This task is performed by buffering systems which are used to temporarily store single panels or packages that will soon be needed for production. In doing so, they decouple and harmonize material flow between the essential process steps and also compensate for stoppages due to faults on individual units whenever they occur.

Sorting operations allow for the best possible utilization of the manufacturing cells. Hence they increase the efficiency of the downstream process steps. At the same time, they can be used to predetermine the order in which the finished parts leave the work cell for loading.

Our solutions for buffering and sorting range from simple buffering and sorting boxes to individualized buffering and sorting systems with storage of single panels and packages. In this process, digital servo drives are used to perform highly dynamic movements. Moreover, all our sorting solutions have a PC based control system with plant visualization and offer the possibility of a direct link to a Manufacturing Execution System.

Sorting boxes

Small and fast sorting boxes with a storage capacity of 500 to 1000 parts are among the latest woodworking industry trends. Combined with optimized production logistics, they are ideally suited for batch-size-1 production and small batch fabrication with a high variant diversity and sorting in small batches. In this process, we can design the sorting boxes so that they have different storey-to-storey distances for different panel thicknesses and combine several boxes to increase the sorting rate and capacity.

The features of our sorting boxes:

  • Load pick-up device and storage rack split in 4 sections
  • Up to 4 workpieces can be picked up
  • Telescopes of the vacuum pick-up device adjustable to the part length
  • Precision linear guide technology on the load pick-up device
  • Quadruple-depth storage is possible 
  • Minimum room height required: 5 m

Sorting systems

When large quantities of parts need to be buffered and/or sorted, for example in large batch production, sorting systems with a capacity of up to 5000 parts are the right choice. Our flexible sorting systems for the storage of single panels and packages can be equipped with vacuum pick-up devices or lift rakes.

The features of our sorting systems:

  • Load pick-up device ensures careful handling of materials
  • Precision linear guide technology on all axes
  • Storage of panel packages: 
    • maintenance-free vacuum generation by ejectors
    • reliable handling of solid wood and material with structured surfaces by using surface grippers
  • Solid material support surfaces on the shelf with special surface protection
  • Double-depth racking up to 600 mm part width
  • Standard storage rack depths: 800, 1000, 1300 mm
  • An individual adaptation of length, height and spacing between shelves is possible 

Part dimensions

  • Length: 250 – 3000 mm
  • Width: 120 – 1300 mm
  • Thickness: 8 - 40 mm (sorting box) or 12 - 60 mm (sorting system)


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