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Panel sizing and edge banding

Highly flexible throughfeed processing machines

Edge banding machines

For highly efficient industrial edge processing

Whether used as a stand-alone machine, as a circular edge processing cell with return conveyor system or as an interlinked machine that is part of a fully integrated line, for batch-size-one manufacturing or batch production – our highly flexible machines of the Novimat and Combima series always guarantee highly professional industrial edge processing.


Our series of machines for panel sizing and edge banding

Optimized edgings

The edge banding machines of the Novimat and Combima series offer entirely new possibilities for highly efficient industrial edge processing. Besides utilizing Laser Edging technology, i.e. a diode laser system for a perfectly seamless bond between edging and panel, these machines can also use the conventional edge banding process with glue. The edge processing on these edge banders is complemented by an individually configurable finish machining and fine finishing zone.

Edge banders for batch-size-one manufacturing must be flexible and able to quickly set themselves up to perform the required operations on parts of varying dimensions. The Novimat and Combima systems perfectly fulfil this requirement. Hence, they can be used in order-based production and avoid high panel storage costs.

The technological highlights of the Novimat and Combima systems

  • The construction kits open up almost unlimited possibilities – from pre-configured machines to completely individualized unit configurations
  • The machines can be designed as single-side, 1.5-side or double-side edge banders, depending on the tasks to be performed
  • Feed speeds up to 120 m/min are possible
  • The workpiece infeed system of each edge bander can be designed to allow single-side or double-side processing, e.g. 
    - high-precision infeed and end stop system allowing workpieces of great dimensional accuracy and squareness to be produced on a single-side machine
    - linear infeed system allowing workpieces to be fed to a double-side machine so that optimized performance is ensured
  • The panel sizing area of the machine can be equipped with scoring saws, hoggers and/or edge jointing motors, etc., depending on your individual products
  • We choose the optimal combination of different glue colours, glue types or edge banding methods for your product
  •  Tape magazines for up to 96 tape reels per magazine can be implemented, but with different steps between them - Example: 2, 6, 12, 16, 24, 32…
  •  Coiled materials or pre-cut tape strips up to 3 mm thick, as well as lippings up to 30 mm thick, are possible
  • Diode laser enables truly seamless edge
  • Finish machining & fine finishing at the highest quality level
  • Modern linear drive technology is used for all working units moving synchronously with the feed
  • Setup-friendly machine concepts


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