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Novimat R3/L20

Industrial edge banding

Novimat R3/L20 – highly efficient edge banding

Ideal for integration into an interlinked manufacturing system

Are you looking for a single-side automatic edge processing machine for throughfeed production that can process both coiled materials and lippings in a flexible manner and be integrated into your fully automated interlinked manufacturing system? Then a Novimat of the Concept or Systems series, specifically designed to meet your requirements, is the right machine for you.

Thanks to very different units for edge jointing, edge banding and edge finish machining & fine finishing, the machines of the Novimat series achieve perfect results meeting the aesthetic and functional requirements of your products. Depending on the manufacturing processes or automation level of your production, we can equip the edge bander with a workpiece infeed system and a return conveyor system or connect it directly to your upstream and downstream processes.

Features of the Novimat R3/L20 edge banders

  • Absolutely customer-specific design
  • Individualized unit configuration
  • Can be integrated into a fully automated interlinked manufacturing system
  • Processing of coiled materials, pre-cut tape strips and solid wood lippings

Novimat R3/L20 – the throughfeed machine solution for quality, productivity and flexibility

The economical & reliable all-rounder

All units of the Novimat edge bander feature a solid robust design and have optimal motor power, hence ensuring excellent repetition accuracy, a high utilization rate and long service life. The Novimat allows for cost-efficient and reliable edge-banding using edging tape up to 3 mm and lippings up to 20 mm thick.

Comprehensive construction kit consisting of units for maximum flexibility and quality

We design and configure the 'Novimat Concept/Systems' depending on your individual requirements. And since we can choose from a comprehensive construction kit, the machine remains affordable despite its individuality. For edge banding with coiled materials up to 3 mm, the machine offers either conventional edge banding with glue or the laser edge banding method, as required, or a combination of both. 

Units of the Novimat (extract)

Quadruple jointing unit
Edge banding
Linear end trimming unit
Multi-profile milling unit
Contour milling unit (KFA 30)
Contour trimming (SKF)
Profile scraping, flat scraping and buffing
Finish machining
Fine finishing by high gloss polishing and corner buffing
Buffing unit
Finish machining
Fine finishing: sanding units
Sanding unit
Double jointing unit


If so, we will be glad to answer all your questions concerning our edge processing machines of the Novimat R3/L20 series. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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